Learning Greek can be a challenge because of its unique alphabet and difficult pronunciation, so it’s no wonder the average language-learner often needs help when studying this language. Assistance from an online tutoring service might be just the thing you need to take your Greek education to the next level.

We have scoured the internet to find the best online Greek tutoring services for students today and have analyzed each option thoroughly to create this list of private tutoring services and self-study courses to suit a variety of needs. Whether you’re searching for a private tutor for an upcoming trip or a course that you can take anywhere, this list has something for you.

How to Pick an Online Greek Tutoring Service

There are many online Greek tutoring services, but how do you find the right one for you? First, consider the kind of learning experience that will best help you meet your goals. For some, that means private tutoring with a one-on-one tutor. Setting aside a scheduled amount of time every week is a great way to practice your language learning skills and develop new ones.

For others, this might mean taking a self-paced course independently — especially for those who enjoy on-the-go learning. There are plenty of self-paced courses to choose from, and while many offer similar services, plenty have unique features that will make your decision easier to make.

Many Greek language-learners benefit from using a combination of multiple services, so don’t be afraid to try several of our picks to see which one is your best fit. With so many offering a free or discounted trial lesson, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Learning a new language for travel

Planning a trip? Consider learning Greek to take your vacation to the next level. Check out the tutors on Italki for a one-on-one learning experience or opt for an interactive podcast series from Language Transfers to learn at your own pace.

Learning Greek for work

Learning Greek for work can be an entirely different endeavor and traditional tutoring might not fit the bill. Luckily, Greek LOL has a curriculum specifically for business Greek that can be taught through private lessons with a tutor or in a group class with your colleagues.

Help with studying Greek for school

For studying help, consider using a private tutoring service like Hey Tutor for their educational curriculum, or seek out a membership with Mango Languages so you will always have the best study tool in your back pocket.

How We Picked the Best Online Greek Tutoring Services

To find the best online Greek tutoring services, we first narrowed down our options by analyzing user recommendations and reviews. All of the services on our list have hundreds of positive reviews for the quality of their content or the professionalism of their tutors. Many are praised on independent forums like Reddit for their overall efficiency and for making the process of learning Greek an enjoyable experience.

We narrowed our picks even further by selecting options for their affordability and the availability of a free trial. Although many of these options are relatively budget-friendly, some are more expensive and will require a higher financial investment. Although not all our options offer a free trial, many offer a trial lesson at a discounted rate or a money-back guarantee.

The 10 Best Online Greek Tutors

Whether you’re looking to learn Greek for travel, work or school, this list has an option for every budget and interest. Here, you’ll find our picks for private tutors alongside self-study independent courses — including a virtual classroom and a free audio series.



  • Italki
  • Italki

We love the affordability of Italki’s Greek tutors!

The in-depth statistics for each tutor can help you decide if they will be a good fit for you and your learning goals.

As one of the most popular online tutoring services, Italki strives to meet students at any knowledge level to help them meet their learning goals. Their private tutors range from professional teachers to community tutors, and users can easily navigate their simple interface to view each instructor’s introduction, video and bio.

Click on an instructor’s profile to learn more about them, including helpful statistics like their number of lessons taught, response and attendance rates and student reviews. When you’re ready to book, opt for their discounted 30-minute lesson or contact the teacher to discuss your learning goals.

Price $8-$59 per hour
Free trial Discounted 30-minute trial lesson
Device  Any device
Format  Italki classroom or Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, WeChat
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Italki.



  • Classgap
  • Classgap

You can book a free online 20-minute trial lesson with Classgap Greek tutors.

Classgap tutors often have a video to introduce themselves to prospective students. 

Similar to Italki, Classgap offers a selection of private tutors specializing in the Greek language. However, they provide additional features in their virtual classroom, like an interactive whiteboard and easy file-sharing. Many of their students also appreciate their flexible rescheduling option, which allows for day-of rescheduling at no additional charge.

Click on any tutor’s profile to learn more about them, including their educational background, availability and lesson pricing. Your first 20 minutes are free, and Classgap tutors often offer packages of 5 or 10 lessons at a discounted rate.

Price $6-$26 per hour
Free trial Free 20-minute trial lesson
Device  Any device
Format  Any device
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Classgap.



  • Glossika
  • Glossika

Glossika has an app as well as a website online where you can access their audio-based Greek lessons.

Glossika’s interface is similar to Duolingo, but it has a more “grown-up” feel.

Glossika is a great option to consider for students who prefer a language-learning experience that can be done in bite-sized increments. They offer an audio-based self-paced course that transforms the Greek language into easily digestible lessons that focus on grammar, vocabulary and speaking complete sentences.

While their courses lack a live instructor or assistance from a tutor, their students benefit from a flexible learning experience that can be completed at their leisure. Their courses are suited for beginner to advanced students and can be purchased through a monthly or annual subscription.

Price $30 per month: Monthly unlimited access to all the languages

$24.99 per month: Annual unlimited access to all the languages

Free trial 7-day all-access free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Typing, dictation, listening and recording practice
Certificate of completion  Yes
Knowledge level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Glossika.


Greek LOL

  • Greek LOL
  • Greek LOL

The Greek Online School offers “Greek LOL” – both private and group online Greek lessons.

We like the trial lesson option because the pricing structure is a little more complicated than other providers on our list.

Greek LOL, a clever take on “Greek Lessons OnLine,” offers both private and group online lessons for children and adults alike. Younger students can participate in regularly scheduled classes with a live instructor or weekly summer camps that focus on fostering a fun and creative experience. Adult learners benefit from a similar lesson structure with an option to participate in a Christmas Celebration at the end of every year to celebrate Greek culture.

Although their pricing structure is complicated compared to other services, it’s important to note that they have a wide selection of offerings, and prices will vary accordingly. To get started, book a free trial lesson through their website and include whether you prefer private or group lessons, along with the course you’re interested in and your knowledge level.

Price GCSE preparation in Greek language Private Class:

€35 per hour: Semi-private

€45 per hour: Private

Greek Groups for Kids:

€620 full fees: 2*60 minutes

General Greek Groups for Kids and Adults/student:

€440 full fees: 90 minutes

Ellinomatheia Exams Preparation Groups:

€778 full fees: 3 hours per week

Kids’ & Teenagers General Greek:

€468 – €832: Private fees for 20 to 40 hours, levels 1, 2 & 3

€513 – €928: Private fees for 20 to 40 hours, levels 4, 5 & 6

€306 – €342: Semi-private fees for 20 hours, levels 1, 2 & 3

€324 – €369: Semi-private fees for 20 hours, levels 4, 5 & 6

Adults’ General Greek:

€522 – €684: Private

€306 – €475: Semi-private

Free trial Free 30-minute trial lesson
Device  Any device
Format  Virtual classrooms, video and audio conferencing, interactive whiteboard
Certificate of completion  Yes
Knowledge level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Greek LOL.



  • GreekPod101

GreekPod101 is similar to Glossika but you can subscribe to a Premium Plus plan for assistance from a professional Greek tutor.

GreekPod101 offers a similar self-paced learning experience to Glossika. In addition to learning grammar, mechanics and vocabulary with audio-based lessons, GreekPod101 provides subscribers to their Premium Plus plan with the assistance of a professional tutor. Students also benefit from the use of flashcards, slideshows, slowed-down audio and line-by-line breakdowns.

Most Reddit users familiar with the service report that it’s best for beginners who are starting from square one. So, though it might not be helpful for an advanced Greek student, it can get you where you’d like to be if you’re just starting out.

Price $6.90 per month: Premium plan

$15.78 per month: Premium plus plan

Free trial 7-day free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Short audio & video Lessons, word lists, slideshows and flashcards
Certificate of completion  Yes
Knowledge level  Beginner

Learn more about GreekPod101.


Hey Tutor

  • Hey Tutor
  • Hey Tutor

Hey Tutor has a simple interface and an easy-to-use search feature.

We like that Hey Tutor has you go through a sign-up process with specific questions so that you can find a tutor that will help you meet your learning goals.

Hey Tutor combines the individual attention of a private tutor with the structure of an educational curriculum, making their company stand out among similar services. They align their lesson plans with standard learning objectives, so you can always count on their tutors to help you meet your learning goals.

Since Hey Tutor is used for many subjects and languages, it can be difficult to sort through your options to find a tutor specializing in the Greek language. Searches for the keyword “Greek” will turn up tutors with the word anywhere in their profile — so while they might be a native Greek speaker, they could specialize in a different subject. To avoid too much hassle, be sure to answer the questionnaire on their homepage. This will generate a shortlist of tutors best suited to your needs.

Price $55 per hour
Free trial No free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Hey Tutor.


Language Transfer

  • Language Transfer

Language Transfer looks basic, but students love it– best of all? It’s free!

Despite its bare bones appearance, Language Transfer is a relatively popular and well-liked free Greek tutoring service. In a Reddit forum from 2021 discussing the merits of the service, user dave723 writes “Not only are the courses free, the whole ethos of the founder is one of sharing and contribution.”

In a series of video recordings, the speaker teaches construction —not vocabulary — in an attempt to replicate the oral tradition of learning Greek. Many users treat it as a podcast and enjoy the convenience of listening any time, anywhere. Language Transfer also has an app, making learning on the go easier than ever.

Price Free
Free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Audio courses
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner, intermediate

Learn more about Language Transfer.


Mango Languages

  • Mango Languages
  • Mango Languages

Mango Languages offers self-paced learning, so you may want to choose another provider if you want one-on-one attention.

You may be able to access Mango Languages through your local library!

With a mission to unite the world through language-learning, Mango Languages has a purpose that is easy to get behind. They offer self-paced learning similar to Glossika and GreekPod101, with listening and reading activities and a review system powered by an intelligent algorithm that keeps students on their toes.

Before signing up with Mango Languages, be sure to check your local library to see if they have a subscription. According to many Reddit users, most libraries have a version that can be accessed with your library card membership. If not, Mango Languages offers a 14-day free trial and affordable monthly subscription pricing for a single language or all languages.

Price $7.99 per month: Single language

$17.99 per month: All languages

Free trial Free 14-day trial
Device  Any device
Format  Listening and reading, relevant learning materials
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner

Learn more about Mango Languages.


Michel Thomas Method

  • Michel Thomas Method
  • Michel Thomas Method

The Michel Thomas method is self-paced, so it’s perfect for folks with a busy schedule.

Before committing to the Michel Thomas method, you can take a free one-hour digital taster course. 

The Michel Thomas Method is a self-paced language learning service that works with your brain to promote better memory retention. By stripping away the stress that’s often present in learning environments, instruction can be broken down into “building blocks” of information that’s easy to retain in a relatively short amount of time.

While they don’t offer a free trial, they do offer a 1-hour digital taster course that promises its users the ability to speak and use 50 essential Greek words. After students complete the taster course, they can continue with an 8-hour course in Foundation Greek.

Price $11.99 per course: Start Greek 1-hour digital taster course

$100 per course: Foundation Greek 8-hour digital course

Free trial No free trial
Device  Computer
Format  Downloadable course
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner, intermediate

Learn more about Michel Thomas Method.



  • Pimsleur
  • Pimsleur

Pimsleur boasts a “scientifically-proven” memory retention method, though we couldn’t discern how different it is from the Michel Thomas Method.

Some folks say that Pimsleur is great for pronunciation, but reviewers recommend getting a live private tutor in addition.

Similar to The Michel Thomas Method, Pimsleur offers an online self-paced course that specializes in memory retention by using the fundamental “building blocks” of Greek to help students meet their learning goals at a relatively quick pace. The Pimsleur method uses graduated interval recall to discern optimal spacing of information so students are more likely to retain learning material.

In a Reddit forum discussing Pimsleur, user anonlymouse says that the service is “a good foundation for pronunciation, but once you have that, there’s no reason to go further.” While it holds its value for beginners, many users find that Pimsleur is best utilized in conjunction with another tutoring service, like Language Transfer, or hiring a private tutor.

Price $14.95 per month: Basic plan with audio lessons

$19.95 per month: Premium, audio-only content + visual tools

$20.95 per month: All access in all languages

Free trial 7-day free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Audio lessons, visual tools
Certificate of completion  No
Knowledge level  Beginner, intermediate

Learn more about Pimsleur.


Other Greek Tutoring Services to Consider

Additional options for private tutors can be found on Preply or Superprof. Both sites offer a wide selection of private tutors at affordable rates.

Udemy offers a “Greek for Beginners” course for students searching for another independent, self-paced option.

What to Expect When Using Online Greek Tutoring Service

Many online Greek tutoring services are self-paced courses that focus on independent learning. Although these courses don’t have the benefit of a live instructor, many users find the convenience of on-the-go learning a fair trade-off. Some courses can only be done through a web browser, but others use their own app.

Some online Greek tutoring services specialize in private one-on-one tutoring. These sessions involve scheduling an appointment with a tutor and meeting at the scheduled time via video conferencing software, like Zoom or Skype. Some services will opt to use their own video conferencing software, which often doubles as a “virtual classroom” where students can interact with a digital whiteboard and use file-sharing software.


What you need to learn Greek using an online tutor

Services that rely on video chat or video conferencing software will require a high-speed internet connection and the device listed for an optimal experience. While many services can support a variety of devices, others will encourage the use of a laptop or desktop computer.

Online self-paced tutoring services might still require a high-speed internet connection, but downloadable courses can be downloaded once and used any time.

Both options will require a significant time commitment to ensure student success. While private tutoring requires a scheduled amount of time on a regular basis, self-study courses can be done independently and at the student’s leisure.


Free vs. Paid Online Greek Tutors: What’s the Difference?

A free online tutoring service can be a great resource for learning Greek, but most students find that investing in a paid service is worth it to continue making progress in their language-learning endeavors. But there’s no reason to quit your free services just yet — many users find that a combination of free and paid services is the way to go to achieve proficiency.

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