Candidates often need to be familiar with various tools and technologies to land roles. As ChatGPT becomes more prevalent in the business world, it’s possible that many positions will require or prefer candidates who have experience with it.

In April, surveyed 1,000 hiring managers to find out how important ChatGPT experience is for entry-level positions and if college students should invest in learning it.

Key findings:

  • 98% of companies hiring entry-level candidates require ChatGPT experience for some positions
  • 86% of hiring managers believe having ChatGPT can be more valuable than a college degree
  • 93% of hiring managers say ChatGPT experience boosts recent college grads’ resume
  • 94% recommend college students take coursework on ChatGPT
  • 91% say by next year it will be more important for entry-level candidates to have ChatGPT experience

98% of companies require ChatGPT experience for entry-level positions

Half of hiring managers surveyed say they are currently hiring for entry-level positions.

Of those who are hiring for entry-level positions, 8% of hiring managers say all of the open positions require ChatGPT experience. Additionally, 48% say many do, 39% say some, and 3% a few. Only 2% say none of the open entry-level positions at their company require ChatGPT experience.

Overall, 99% of hiring managers at companies that are currently hiring for entry-level positions, say they have open positions where it would be beneficial for a candidate to have ChatGPT experience.

“Companies want to attract top talent and stay cutting edge in their industry,” says Stacie Haller, career strategist. “They will want to hire candidates who have experience with the most current technology, such as ChatGPT. Candidates will also be attracted to working for companies with this mindset, and may be able to hit the ground running without any or much company investment into training.”

We did find that 91% of hiring managers surveyed say their company does provide training around ChatGPT. In fact, 44% say the company provides ‘a lot’ of training. Additionally, 47% say ‘some,’ 6% say ‘not much,’ and only 3% say ‘none.’

“For entry-level positions, we strongly prefer candidates who have experience working with ChatGPT and other AI technologies,” says Alex Mastin, CEO and founder of Home Grounds.

“Our chatbots and conversational AI tools are crucial for delivering personalized customer experiences, and we believe that candidates who are familiar with these tools will be better equipped to help us achieve our vision,” Mastin continues.

Life Grows Green, CEO C.T Price says ChatGPT is also required for some positions.

“ChatGPT may very well be part of the future of sales and content creation,” says Price. “This is why we require that candidates applying to sales have ChatGPT experience.”

86% of hiring managers agree having ChatGPT experience can be more valuable than a college degree

Overall, 86% of hiring managers say, at least in some instances, having ChatGPT experience can be better than having a college degree.

Additionally, 93% of hiring managers say ChatGPT experience boosts a recent college graduate’s resume and 95% say ChatGPT is valuable for entry-level candidates to have.

“In positions where a college degree does not provide relevant skill training, we are seeing the importance of having a college degree decline,” says Haller. “It’s quite possible that candidates without degrees may be just as or even more qualified.”

Eric Lee co-founder at says in some cases, spending on the position and person’s experience, having ChatGPT experience may be more valuable than a college degree

“ChatGPT experience can provide a more practical and hands-on understanding of the real estate industry, which can be more valuable than a college degree in certain circumstances,” says lee. “Ultimately, the combination of ChatGPT experience and a college degree can make a candidate more well-rounded and increase their chances of success.”

Twibi Founder and CEO Brenton Thomas says his company also highly values ChatGPT experience.

“While we highly value college degrees, ChatGPT experience can be equally valuable and can even be more valuable in some instances,” says Thomas. “We encourage our employees to continue learning and expanding their skills, and ChatGPT experience is a valuable asset in achieving this goal.”

College Admissions and Education Advisor Blanca Villagomez says students can gain an edge by learning ChatGPT.

“I encourage my students to become competent in new technological areas because it gives them an edge in job applications,” says Villagomez. “Companies want to hire individuals who have an appetite for learning and challenging themselves. Staying relevant to the dynamic changes in technological advancements is key.”

94% recommend college students take ChatGPT coursework

Fifty-seven percent of hiring managers ‘highly recommend’ and 38% ‘recommend’ that current or future college students take coursework around ChatGPT.

The same percentage say in a position where ChatGPT could be used, it would be beneficial for a candidate’s hireability to have taken coursework in ChatGPT.

“In general, higher education needs more relevant skills training and career preparation to remain relevant,” says Haller. “All college students looking to enter the workforce need to develop skills on cutting edge technologies or they will lose out on positions to those who have this expertise.”

In 2024 it will be more important than it is today, according to 91% of hiring managers, for entry-level candidates to have ChatGPT experience.

“I would strongly recommend that all college students interested in marketing, sales, public relations, computer and data science, media communications, and professional writing complete coursework in ChatGPT,” says Jenna Carson, human resources and operations manager at Music Grotto.

“While it is not a firm requirement, we do prioritize applicants whose experience includes familiarity with the platform.”

“Students who learn how to use ChatGPT responsibly and intentionally can gain valuable technical skills that are increasingly in demand in many industries,” says Villagomez. “Taking the time to learn how to use AI tools can actually yield great results.”


All data found within this report derives from a survey commissioned by and conducted online by survey platform Pollfish on April 5, 2023. In total, 1,000 U.S. hiring managers were surveyed, using a convenience sampling method. Only hiring managers who correctly identified what ChatGPT is were surveyed (incidence rate = 87%).

Appropriate respondents were found through demographic criteria and screening questions.

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