Making smart choices simple.


The internet is filled with garbage. Yet where do we go when we need answers?

We’re tired of all the garbage, and decided to do something about it. So, we’re sifting through it all to find the buried treasure. We’re talking to experts. We’re analyzing mountains of data. We’re doing whatever it takes to create content that helps you live better. 

And to make this possible, we’re committed to finding a business model that doesn’t corrupt the integrity of our content. So you won’t find programmatic ad blocks on our site, nor will you find affiliate disclosures. Oh, and you definitely won’t see any ‘native ads’. 

Making smart choices simple.


Why? Because becoming a student is one of the first complex decisions you’ll make starting out — deciding where to go, how to pay for it, how to get top grades, and of course, how to land a job after college. Also, being located across the street from one of the top universities in the world, it’s the demographic we’re closest to, and know best.

So, what are we doing to help?

We’re helping students in their pre-college journey by ranking colleges and programs across the country using aggregated publicly available data. And, we’re doing it without any advertising or affiliate relationships with schools. This ensures zero bias of our results.

We’re building guides to help students succeed in the classroom by bringing together the latest research with tips and techniques championed by today’s leading experts.

We’re arming you with resources to successfully transition from college to the workforce by building databases of internship opportunities and compiling example resumes.

All of this, and we’re just getting started.

Meet the Team

  • kristen headshot
    Managing Editor
    Kristen Scatton

    Kristen has over 11 years of experience in college admissions, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her experience includes working with freshmen, transfer, and graduate students, particularly in arts and social science-related fields. Kristen is passionate about helping students make wise decisions regarding their education and career paths.

  • Nam headshot
    Digital Marketing Director
    Nam Phan

    Nam comes from a decade’s long background with work in the digital space. He provides the research that drives Intelligent’s data-driven resources and tools as well as surfacing what’s important to users. A Seattlelite, Nam graduated from the University of Washington.

  • Parmeshta Headshot
    Parmeshta Jain

    With over 15 years of experience working on product based technology companies, Parmeshta has a deep passion for technology and is a true problem solver. His expertise brings to life the team’s vision and strategy.

  • Allen headshot
    Allen Leng

    Allen is responsible for developing and leading the editorial and product strategy at With over 10 years of experience working in the digital space, Allen is responsible for the team’s product planning and execution.

  • jase headshot
    Communications Manager
    Jase Beard

    Jase Beard is the Communications Manager at Intelligent. He is passionate about supporting those who seek self-improvement. With over 3 years of marketing and communications experience, Jase is on a mission to help connect people with the best resources to provide them with the ability to optimize their lives.

  • Donnie headshot
    Donnie Dinh

    Donnie has over 10 years of marketing experience with the past 8 years focused on education. Before joining the team, Donnie led content marketing for some of the largest internet properties.

  • Beata Headshot
    Admissions Consultant
    Beata Williams

    For the past nine years, Beata has been coaching students through the undergraduate and graduate admissions process. Ninety nine percent of Beata’s students have been admitted to at least one of their top choices. Not only has she helped students reach their dream programs, Beata alleviates the stress by breaking down the application process into manageable steps leading to consistent progress towards their goals.

Editorial Policies

What Our Editorial Independence Means to You is a free, privately-supported website that’s editorially independent. This enables us to bring you unbiased, accurate, and fact-based information on a wide range of issues.

Accuracy and Review of Content

Hundreds of experts, educators, advisors, and consumers have been interviewed during the production of our original content. Our content is also periodically checked and reviewed for accuracy.

Our View on Self-Improvement

At, we’re awed by the advancements made in information transmission. We also understand that the continuous self-improvement is a human art as well as a science. Every story is valid, every experience unique. We’re most interested in the experience of those seeking self-improvement. We believe that everyone should question everything, including their mentors, teachers, government but also seek the best possible relationship with those very same people.

Information is a critical tool for self-improvement. It’s also important when navigating an environment that is oftentimes complicated and vague. We recognize the importance of different approaches to self-improvement, and we strive to provide perspective on every approach where relevant.

Advertising and Funding


Intelligent does not accept advertising. We are not sponsored by any corporate entities. We rely on private funding to pay for all of our resources including staff and office expenses.

Funding is privately funded by individuals and groups that hold the same beliefs in regards to information about self-improvement to pay for our staff and operating costs.

We’re Hiring!


We are looking for a skilled and experienced Editor-in-Chief to drive and execute the strategic direction of Intelligent as well as manage and oversee daily publishing operations. We are looking for someone to ensure that content published on the site meets the editorial strategies of Intelligent.


  • Proven track record recruiting, motivating and managing freelance writers to produce quality content economically
  • Excellent data skills. The ability to think critically, analyze performance – setting and reporting on progress toward goals
  • Bias towards action
  • Results oriented
  • Passion for writing with a strong sense of voice and tone

Send us an email with your resume to apply!

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