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Intelligent.com is designed to help students take control of their studies and get the most out of their education. Whether you’re studying in a traditional or online program, you’ll find valuable insider tips from experienced educators.

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Discover proven ways to study not just harder but smarter. Learn how you can create a detailed study plan, maximize the time you spend studying, take meaningful notes, and save time when preparing for exams—all while keeping stress levels low and your grades high.

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We created this site to help students of all ages and abilities. Our guides can be used by both traditional on-campus and online students. We also understand that not all students learn the same way so our guides provide various tips that can be applied to all study styles. Our hope is that all our readers are able to leverage our guides and reach their academic goals.

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Intelligent is produced by a team of writers who have a passion for education. We’ve been researching and writing about college study topics for over eight years.

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If you have any questions, concerns, want to contribute a new study guide topic, or want to recommend a new topic for us to write about, please visit our Contact page to get in touch.