Enabling students to make intelligent choices through simplicity and ease of application.


We believe education is a lifelong commitment to continuous improvement, and built Intelligent.com to help students connect to the best resources and provide them the best advice in a way that is easy to analyze and digest. 

Enabling students to make intelligent choices through simplicity and ease of application.


While the internet has granted us virtually unlimited access to information, it has created loads of biased misinformation that is driven by monetary gains and ignorance. Intelligent.com is not monetized nor do we intend to – so all our resources are guided to benefit students and students only.

At Intelligent.com, we sift through thousands of resources, cutting through all the bulls**t to get you the answers you need quickly so you don’t have to spend hours finding out how to pursue your goals and achieve them.

Meet Our Experts

Every piece of content is contributed by or reviewed by a team of experts who are dedicated to making sure students make the right decisions.

  • Lead Admissions Consultant, Sage Summit
    Lindsay Sage

    Lindsay has over a decade of experience in higher education. She worked as an advising dean at Columbia University, advising undergraduate students. She later worked at New York University’s Stern School of Business, working in academic advising, international programming, and MBA admissions. Lindsay currently works as an independent admissions consultant and college counselor, specializing in MBA and business-related graduate programs. She has helped over 250 students get into the school of their dreams.

  • Admissions Coordinator / Contributing Author
    Kristen Scatton

    Kristen Scatton has over 11 years of experience in college admissions, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her experience includes working with freshmen, transfer, and graduate students, particularly in arts and social science-related fields. Responsibilities included advising, recruitment, marketing, data entry, and more. Kristen is passionate about helping students make wise decisions regarding their education and career paths. She holds a BA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and an MFA from Temple University.

  • Personal Finance Expert / Author
    Franklin Calkins

    Frankie earned his BA and M.ED from the University of Washington and was a high school educator for 4 years in between. He published his first book “The Money Resolution” in February 2019 and is passionate about financial literacy, especially for young adults. He has been featured in Teach for America’s One Day Magazine and Delta Upsilon Quarterly Magazine and has appeared on The Stacking Benjamins Show Podcast and The John Chapman Show Podcast. He currently runs a personal finance YouTube channel while working on his next book.

Meet the Team

Our exteam has tons of experience developing and

  • Digital Marketing Director
    Nam Phan

    Nam comes from a decade’s long background with work in the education space. He provides the research that drives Intelligent’s data-driven resources and tools as well as surfacing what’s important to students. A Seattlelite, Nam graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Education.

    Erica Fagien

    Erica Fagien is the Director of Communications at Intelligent. She is passionate about supporting the most outstanding educational programs across the country. With over 5 years of marketing and communications experience, Erica is on a mission to help connect future students with the best resources to provide them with the ability to find the right institution that fit their needs

    Donnie Dinh

    Donnie has over 10 years of marketing experience with the past 8 years focused on online education. Before joining the team, Donnie led content marketing for some of the largest college websites.

    Allen Leng

    Allen is responsible for developing the and leading the editorial and product strategy at Intelligent.com. With over 10 years of experience working in the digital space, Allen is responsible for the team’s product planning and execution.

    Parmeshta Jain

    With over 15 years of experience working on product based technology companies, Parmeshta has a deep passion for technology and is a true problem solver. He expertise brings to life the team’s vision and strategy.

Editorial Policies

What Our Editorial Independence Means to You

Intelligent.com is a free, privately-supported website that’s editorially independent. This enables us to bring you unbiased, accurate, and fact-based information on a wide range of issues surrounding education.

Accuracy and Review of Content

Hundreds of educators, advisors, and students have been interviewed during the production of our original content. Our content is also periodically checked and reviewed for accuracy.

Our View on Education

At Intelligent.com, we’re awed by the advancements made in education. We also understand that the continuous education is a human art as well as a science. Education is the province of individuals, not systems. Every education-related story is valid, every experience unique. We’re most interested in the student experience. We believe that students should question everything, including their teachers, but also seek the best possible relationship with their educators: professors, advisors, counselors, and all the underappreciated people who work in the education system.

Information is a critical tool for student success. It’s also important when navigating the education system that is oftentimes complicated and expensive. We recognize the importance of different approaches to education, and we strive to provide perspective on every approach where relevant.

Advertising and Funding


Intelligent.com does not accept advertising. We are not sponsored by any corporate entities. We rely on private funding to pay for all of our resources including staff and office expenses.


Intelligent,com is privately funded by individuals and groups that hold the same beliefs in regards to information about health and wellness to pay for our staff, professional services and

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