Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen

Chief Education and Career Development Advisor

Updated: March 28, 2024

Huy Nguyen is a visionary entrepreneur and educational innovator with an extensive background in executive management serving in lead roles with technology startups and Fortune 100 companies. As an entrepreneur, he has launched several online consumer brands generating over $30 million in sales and continues to help small-to-medium sized businesses with digital transformation and developing new revenue opportunities through sales channel development, digital marketing, and business strategy consulting.

As the Co-Founder of Solve Community Challenges (SolveCC), Huy has pioneered a transformative approach to higher education, enabling colleges and universities to deeply engage students with their communities through collaborative experiential learning. SolveCC’s partnerships with academic institutions deliver programs that empower students to identify and solve local challenges, fostering essential skills, partnerships with local businesses, and creating an immediate, positive impact on their communities.

Huy extends his impact beyond professional endeavors by leveraging his expertise and experience to empower students to become lifelong learners. He serves as a business and career advisor for the Newport Mesa Unified School District’s Career Technical Education Program and George Washington University’s Digital Marketing Certificate Program. Through these engagements, Huy bridges academic learning with real-world experiences, equipping students with the skills and mindset to thrive in an ever-changing professional landscape.

Huy’s passion for innovation extends to organizing competitions that challenge and inspire the next generation of leaders, including events for TEDxLA, TEDxOC, the TEDxTeenChallenge, and The Young Real Leaders Prize. Through these platforms, he has created opportunities for students and young leaders to develop and showcase their innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Huy Nguyen’s work and experience stands as a testament to his dedication to redefining how we learn and earn, preparing individuals for the future of work, where the jobs of tomorrow, may not exist today.