If you’re planning on going on to graduate school, passing the GRE is one of the biggest hurdles you have to face. The GRE, which stands for Graduate Record Examination, is like the SAT or ACT for graduate school, and more than 500,000 students take it each year. The GRE has three sections — quantitative, verbal, and writing — and the best way to increase your chances of successfully passing it with a high enough score to get into graduate school is to take the preparation seriously. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best GRE prep courses below.

GRE Prep Courses and Classes Badge

How We Chose the Best GRE Test Prep

Prep courses for the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, are a valuable resource in helping students prepare for this important exam, which can determine whether a student gets accepted to their desired graduate program.

With so many GRE prep programs to choose from, finding the one that’s best for you can be challenging. To help you make a more informed decision, we did a deep dive into several companies, focusing on those that offer prep for the GRE General Test.

Our initial list started with over a dozen companies, including well-established providers like Kaplan and The Princeton Review, to newer programs like Achievable. We then evaluated each service and its specific courses based on criteria we developed in conjunction with our GRE prep experts.

Our evaluation process included:

  • In-depth review of each company’s specific course offerings and materials via website review, sample lessons, and third-party resources
  • Evaluation of course content through free trials, syllabus reviews, mobile app testing, and more
  • Interactions with company customer service representatives via chat, email, and social media
  • Analysis of customer reviews and comments on platforms like Trustpilot, Reddit, and Facebook

We removed two courses from our 2021-22 list – the Economist is no longer offering its GRE prep courses, and we found Target Test Prep lacking in some key areas. We added one course, ETS Official Prep materials.

Below are the five key criteria that programs must meet to qualify for our list.

Flexible scheduling and adaptable formats

Whether a college student or a working professional, you likely need a GRE prep course that fits a busy schedule. That’s why we prioritized GRE prep courses that are flexible and accessible. Our top picks include Kaplan, which offers virtual classes on a variety of different days, and self-guided study options like Magoosh, with its bite-sized lessons. We also sought providers that have mobile-friendly or app versions of course materials to make it easier to study on the go.

Personalized instruction

For a GRE prep program to be beneficial, it must meet students where they are and help them build on the abilities and knowledge they already have. Our list includes GRE prep programs that use adaptive algorithms to personalize study plans and practice drills, such as PrepScholar and Achievable. For students who want the added personalization of a live instructor, we included providers that offer virtual classes in small group settings, like Varsity Tutors.

Course materials

There are many ways to prepare for the GRE, including drilling questions, watching video lessons, and taking practice exams. We reviewed the content that students get with their various prep programs, prioritizing those that have robust, comprehensive materials that fit a range of learning styles. We also looked at how long students get access to these materials to ensure they have enough time to work through them at a reasonable pace.

The GRE spends literally thousands of dollars developing, testing, and perfecting each individual test question. Even the best test-prep companies can’t compete with the quality of official GRE practice questions. So if I were designing a perfect GRE course, I would ideally want it to integrate official questions in some way — or at least plenty of practice questions that truly resemble those on the actual exam.

Pricing and plans

Students aren’t just investing time and energy into GRE prep courses — they’re usually investing money as well. We compared providers based on pricing and plan options to ensure that more expensive options are worth the investment and low-cost options are extensive enough to prepare test-takers properly. We also reviewed ETS’ free official GRE prep materials and included them as an option for students on a tight budget.

Expert instructors and tutors

Whether attending a live online class or watching pre-recorded lessons, you likely want a knowledgeable, engaging, and supportive instructor. Our top pick instructors and tutors are experienced educators with a track record of success with GRE prep. We also reviewed sample video lessons and trial classes from providers like PrepScholar to assess teaching style and how instructors interact with the material and students.

The Best GRE Prep Courses

Kaplan – Best Overall

Kaplan Logo

Kaplan is a longtime leader in test prep services, including GRE prep. They offer comprehensive GRE prep courses in multiple formats and price points, taught by expert teachers and accompanied by a money-back guarantee. We chose Kaplan as our best overall GRE prep provider because there’s something for everyone, including live virtual classes, self-guided prep plans, and 1:1 tutoring options. Kaplan is a good place to start if you’re not sure which type of GRE prep course is right for you.

  • Kaplan 1
  • Kaplan 2
  • Kaplan 3
  • Kaplan 4

Kaplan has GRE prep options that meet the needs of most students, including on-demand and live classes, as well as 1:1 tutoring.

Kaplan’s on-demand program includes practice questions with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand explanations. 

Students enrolling in Kaplan’s live online classes get specific, measurable goals for each session.

Kaplan’s live online classes are offered on weekends and weekdays, making it easier for students to fit classes into their busy schedules.

What We Like

I used to work at Kaplan, and I had a wonderful experience there a long time ago. They do a wonderful job of structuring courses and on-demand products, and it’s generally a well-run company. Kaplan has you covered whether you’re looking for an on-demand, live online, or personalized tutoring prep program.

Their Live Online course includes 21 hours of instruction in a virtual classroom with two instructors. New classes start weekly and meet at a variety of times, helping students fit meetings into their schedules. There’s also an option to upgrade and get three hours of 1:1 tutoring and extra course materials focusing on the math section of the GRE.

They also have an On-Demand course for those who want more flexibility. This course includes more than 40 hours of on-demand video lessons covering both content and testing strategy, over 2,500 practice questions, and seven practice exams.

Kaplan’s other course option is the On-Demand + Tutoring service, which blends their self-guided course with personalized attention and assistance from one of their expert tutors.

Students can sample a virtual class before enrolling. Kaplan also offers a higher score guarantee in which students can retake their course or request a refund if they don’t get a higher GRE score.

What We Didn’t Like

Although Kaplan offers a free sample virtual class, there’s no free trial option for students considering the On-Demand course. The maximum length of time students get access to their course materials is six months, making this a better choice for students taking the test in the near future. Their courses contain a lot of content. Covering all the material in a six-month time frame might be overwhelming for some students.

I personally don’t often recommend their courses to students because I find that other providers have more effective pedagogical methods, such as longer access to materials and accommodations for different types of learners.

What Test Takers Are Saying

Kaplan has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6/5 stars. Ninety-two percent of users rate the company as either “excellent” or “great.” In a review on Reddit, one user says, “I like that they break down the process of how they arrived at each answer for all questions in the practice tests. Practicing questions within the same time limit as the GRE was good for honing time management.”


Program Price What You Get
Live Online $999
  • 21 hours of live online instruction
  • 40+ hours of exclusive live and recorded lessons on the GRE Channel
  • 7 full-length practice tests
  • 2500+ practice questions
  • GRE prep books (Kaplan)
On-Demand $449 6 months of access to:

  • 180+ hours of online instruction and practice
  • 40+ hours of exclusive live and recorded lessons on the GRE Channel
  • 7 full-length practice tests
  • 2500+ practice questions
Tutoring + On-Demand $2299 Everything in the On-Demand course, plus:

  • 10-40 hours of 1:1 tutoring

Varsity Tutors – Best Live Online Class

Varsity Tutors Logo

Varsity Tutors is the flagship service of Nerdy, a live online learning platform. For GRE prep, Varsity Tutors offers a Live Online class and a self-paced On-Demand course (which comes with an optional 1:1 tutoring add-on). All three options provide:

  • Comprehensive content and strategy review.
  • Practice questions and tests.
  • A mobile app for a moderate price point.

Students who aren’t sure which course is best for them can schedule a free consultation with Varsity Tutors.

  • Varsity Tutors 1
  • Varsity Tutors 2
  • Varsity Tutors 3

Varsity Tutors has a comprehensive curriculum, with classes starting weekly on a convenient, flexible schedule.

Students also get access to a variety of on-demand prep materials, including practice flashcards with answer explanations.

Timed practice helps students prepare for the GRE in a setting that mimics the actual test. 

What We Like

As far as live online classes go, Varsity Tutors virtual classes stand out to us for several reasons.

Class sizes are kept small, typically between 6-9 students, which guarantees personalized attention from and interaction with the instructor. Students get 20 hours of live instruction over four weeks, with classes meeting twice weekly. Varsity Tutors offers the live classes at a variety of times on weekdays and weekends, making it easy and convenient for students to fit class meetings into their schedules.

The course reviews GRE subject content for all three sections and provides test-taking strategies. Varsity Tutors’ instructors undergo a rigorous training process to ensure they know the material and how to present it to students effectively.

Those who enroll in the live online class also get one year of access to Varsity Tutors’ on-demand course, which includes a question bank, practice tests, strategy guides for each exam section, and video lessons to review material from the class. Varsity Tutors also has a mobile app that students can use to study whenever and wherever is convenient.

What We Didn’t Like

Varsity Tutors offers a score improvement guarantee to students who complete a group class but be sure to read the fine print. Students are only eligible for the guarantee if they take the GRE within 14 days of completing the course. Those who take the test outside the two weeks may be out of luck if they don’t achieve a higher score. While students can take a practice test for free through Varsity Tutors, they don’t offer any kind of free trial.

What Test Takers Are Saying

On Trustpilot, Varsity Tutors has a 4.9/5 star rating. Of 6,777 reviews, 94% rate the company as “excellent.” On Facebook, its rating is 4.2/5 stars, with seven reviews. Many users praise the company’s instructors for being engaging, attentive, and skilled at teaching GRE material, particularly the Quantitative section of the exam.


Program Price What You Get
On-Demand + Tutoring Bundle $649 1 year of access to:

  • 6 hours of 1:1 tutoring
  • 90+ instructional videos
  • 6000+ practice questions
  • Varsity Tutors GRE prep book
  • Mobile app
  • Practice exams
On-Demand $149 1 year of access to:

  • 90+ instructional videos
  • 6000+ practice questions
  • Varsity Tutors GRE prep book
  • Mobile app
  • Practice exams
Live Online $599 20 hours of live online instruction, plus access to everything in the On-Demand course

ExamPAL – Best On-Demand Course

ExamPAL logo

ExamPAL uses AI technology to provide students with personalized, interactive test prep worldwide. Their GRE prep focuses on flexible study plans tailored to how students learn, what skills and knowledge they already have, and how much time they have to prepare. There are three plan tiers – Express (6 weeks), Premium (3 months), and Genius (6 months). Based on our reviews, their Genius plan is one of the best on-demand courses available.

  • ExamPAL 1
  • ExamPAL 2
  • ExamPAL 3
  • ExamPAL 4
  • ExamPAL 5

ExamPAL uses a proprietary algorithm to adapt preparation and questions to students’ unique learning styles.

We like ExamPAL’s dashboard, which clearly maps out students’ progress, benchmarks, and study plan.

ExamPAL’s on-demand video lessons are well-produced, explaining concepts and skills in an engaging way.

Lessons are short, typically 30 minutes or less, which allows students to fit them in even if they have limited time.

ExamPAL students can practice answering questions in a timed format, like the actual GRE, and get instant feedback and explanations.

What We Like

Although students may choose an on-demand course to fit their schedule or learning style, it doesn’t mean they don’t want the personalization that often comes with live instruction.

ExamPAL offers customization in its on-demand course through its adaptive algorithm, which uses students’ responses to match them with the best problem-solving strategies and lessons that meet them where they are in their preparation process. It provides a clear, easy-to-follow study plan based on the student’s anticipated test date.

We also like that ExamPAL’s Genius subscription includes instructor interaction. Students get two live 1:1 sessions with an ExamPAL tutor, where they can ask questions and get support in challenging areas. This subscription consists of six months of access to their prep materials, including Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning content review, five practice exams, and six essay reviews. ExamPAL offers a 7-point score increase guarantee to students with the Genius subscription.

They also offer a seven-day free trial, giving on-the-fence students ample opportunity to explore their products and determine if they’re a good fit.

What We Didn’t Like

The ExamPAL approach focuses on helping students prepare faster, which may not work for all students, especially those who have been out of school for a while and need in-depth review. Based on our free trial, the user dashboard is a bit over-simplified. While it has a detailed roadmap of course content and benchmarks, it would also be helpful to have a progress tracker.

What Test Takers Are Saying

ExamPAL’s Trustpilot rating is 4.6/5 stars, based on 225 reviews. Eighty-four percent of those reviews are “excellent.” Many users called out ExamPAL’s strategy-based approach as being key to their GRE success. Says one user, “ExamPAL emphasizes the methodological approach related to HOW to tackle the questions. It makes a huge difference in an exam where you’re running against the clock!”


Program Price What You Get
Genius $699 6 months of access to:

  • 5 practice tests
  • 6 essay reviews
  • 2 1:1 tutoring sessions
  • Unlimited “Ask-A-Tutor” questions
  • 7-point score improvement guarantee
Premium $489 3 months of access to:

  • 4 practice tests
  • 4 essay reviews
  • 100 “Ask-A-Tutor” questions
  • 6-point score improvement guarantee
Express $349 6 weeks of access to:

  • 3 practice tests
  • 2 essay reviews
  • 50 “Ask-A-Tutor” questions

The Princeton Review – Best Score Guarantee

Princeton Review Logo

The Princeton Review is another well-known name in GRE prep, and for good reason. They offer multiple course options, including on-demand programs, virtual classes, and personalized tutoring, taught by a deep bench of GRE experts. The course that stands out most to us is their GRE 162+ live online course. This intensive deep dive into GRE prep is ideal for students looking to be among the highest GRE scorers.

  • TPR 1
  • TPR 2
  • TPR 3
  • TPR 4

The Princeton Review’s GRE 162+ is one of several GRE prep options the company offers.

We like that The Princeton Review offers its live online GRE 162+ on multiple different days and times to accommodate students and their busy schedules.

Customer service representatives from The Princeton Review were responsive and easily accessible through an online chat feature on the company’s website.

Students can put their skills to the test with The Princeton Review’s practice GREs

What We Like

The highest score students can achieve in the GRE’s Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections is a 170 in both areas. While only a small percentage of test-takers get perfect scores, The Princeton Review (TPR) believes it can get students to a minimum score of 162 in both sections.

TPR’s 162+ program is a virtual class with 45 total hours of live instruction (25 hours of instruction focusing on Quant material and 20 hours on Verbal material). Classes meet twice a week for ten weeks, with practice tests scheduled regularly throughout the course. New classes start every one to two weeks, making it convenient for students to enroll when their schedule permits. Students can also participate in supplemental sessions to go deeper into specific subject areas.

Experienced instructors teach the classes, many of whom have helped develop TPR’s courses and materials. In addition to the live instruction, students in the 162+ course program get TPR’s prep books, over 4,000 practice questions, and over 500 drills to help cement skills.

What We Didn’t Like

While TPR’s GRE prep products are high quality, they are also among the most expensive on our list. The 162+ program starts at $2,099, which may put it out of financial reach for some students. It’s also important to read the fine print of the 162+ score guarantee. Students must enter the program with a score of at least 156 on both the Verbal and Quant sections of the GRE in order to be eligible for the guarantee.

Typically, TPR offers a full money-back guarantee, but some other test-prep providers have a guarantee that only allows the student to take the course again. Make sure to pay attention to whether your test-prep provider has money-back guarantees or “retake” guarantees.

What Test Takers Are Saying

The Princeton Review has 1,849 reviews on Trustpilot, 70% of which rate the company as “excellent.” TPR has 4.6/5 stars on Trustpilot. Users call TPR’s GRE prep thorough and comprehensive. Several students also credit TPR’s lessons and instructors with boosting their confidence heading into exam day.


Program Price What You Get
GRE 162+ $2399
  • 45 hours of live online instruction
  • 20 hours of supplemental sessions
  • 4400+ practice questions
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • The Princeton Review prep books
  • 162+ score guarantee
GRE 10 Points+ $899
  • Live Online math classes
  • 30+ hours of recorded video lessons
  • 470+ practice drills
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • 10-point score improvement guarantee
Fundamentals $1199
  • 24 hours of live online instruction
  • 180+ hours of on-demand lessons
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • 470+ practice drills
  • 3500+ practice questions
Self-Paced $499 120 days of access to:

  • 61+ practice drills
  • 2,570+ practice questions
  • 8 full-length practice exams
  • Video lessons
  • Interactive score reports

ETS Official Prep – Most Affordable

ETS logo
Like most standardized test providers, ETS, the company behind the GRE, offers free and low-cost preparation materials accessible to all test-takers. Regardless of students’ financial circumstances, we believe everyone should have access to resources to help them prepare for this important exam. In addition to their affordability, these official ETS prep materials are valuable tools students can use to familiarize themselves with the GRE before they actually take the exam.

  • ETS 1
  • ETS 2
  • ETS 3
  • ETS 4

ETS offers multiple free and low-cost options for preparing for the GRE.

Sample questions help students familiarize themselves with the GRE’s content and format, a key component of GRE prep.

ETS’ free videos give students an overview of the test itself, as well as the content in its individual subject sections.

Simple, easy-to-follow videos cover the core subject matter tested on the GRE.

What We Like

Central to ETS’ GRE prep materials are two free practice exams that simulate the actual GRE General Test. Students can take a timed or untimed practice exam (the official exam is timed). This is a good place to start if you’re brand-new to GRE prep. Students who take these free practice tests get scores and an answer key for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, providing insight into how they’ll perform on the actual test.

The official materials are definitely affordable, but the more important thing is that they feature actual, official, retired test questions. I would argue that EVERY STUDENT should use these, even if they’re taking some sort of course. (Unless the course includes the official materials. That type of “bundling” was common 10 years ago, but it’s fallen out of fashion since it doesn’t make a ton of economic sense with inexpensive, on-demand courses.)

Also, ETS has three additional practice tests (PowerPrep Plus) available for $39.95 each. I’m a little bit salty at ETS for charging that much for them, but they’re also worth every penny.

ETS regularly offers free webinars to familiarize students with what they can expect on the GRE. The sessions review question examples, test-taking strategies, preparation tips, and information about applying to graduate school. Students who can’t attend the session live can sign up to receive a recording. ETS also has additional free video content that provides overviews of the General Test’s three sections.

For students who want hands-on prep, ETS offers practice question books for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning and an online writing prep service. Each book is currently priced at $20, or $37 for both, and is available in either hard copy or electronic format.

What We Didn’t Like

ETS’ official GRE prep materials are best suited for self-motivated students whose preparation needs focus more on familiarizing themselves with the test format and reviewing content. Students who need accountability, in-depth practice, or personalized instruction may find their time better spent with a more robust course. However, starting here, with free resources, can be beneficial to determine your specific needs before investing in a paid program.

What Test Takers Are Saying

Although ETS Official Prep doesn’t have any reviews on sites like Trustpilot or Facebook, many students have taken to Reddit’s messaging boards to recommend these prep materials. One Reddit poster says students should use ETS practice exams, “no exceptions,” as a way to get a basic understanding of the test and determine what areas they should focus on while prepping.


Program Price What You Get
ETS Official Prep Free
  • Practice exams (2 free, 3 paid)
  • Webinars
  • Video lessons
  • Prep and practice books (additional cost)

PrepScholar – Best for Extended Prep Time


PrepScholar was founded in 2013 as a test prep service for the SAT and has since expanded to include multiple standardized tests, including the GRE. Their approach focuses on strategies to help students answer questions on the GRE quickly and confidently, using diagnostics to identify weaknesses, and adaptive lessons to help students improve. PrepScholar offers a fully online, on-demand program, which students can access for one year, or a lifetime.

  • PrepScholar 1
  • PrepScholar 2
  • PrepScholar 3
  • PrepScholar 4

PrepScholar’s on-demand GRE course contains a wealth of resources that can help students prepare for the GRE whether they have limited or unlimited study time.

PrepScholar gamified lessons to help students stay engaged in the learning process.

Video lessons clearly demonstrate core concepts and skills students need to master all sections of the GRE.

PrepScholar’s student dashboard keeps lessons organized and tracks progress, so learners stay on course to be ready by test day.

What We Like

While most on-demand prep programs give students access to materials for six months to a year, PrepScholar is one of the few that offers a lifetime subscription. This makes it an ideal option for students who aren’t sure when they’ll take the GREs or want unlimited prep time.

Regardless of how much time a student needs to study, PrepScholar has no shortage of material to review. The GRE course starts with a diagnostic exam to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses and develops a customized study plan based on those results. The course contains over 150 hours of interactive lessons and 2300 practice questions divided into basic and advanced levels. Students can get feedback on their analytical writing skills with four practice essays.

PrepScholar stands behind its GRE prep program with a 7-point score increase guarantee. Students can try PrepScholar’s GRE program for free for five days before deciding to purchase. They also include bonus materials like a graduate school admission guide to help students prepare for the next steps in the application process beyond acing the GRE.

What We Didn’t Like

One drawback to PrepScholar’s GRE prep program is that it’s fully self-guided, with no options for 1:1 tutoring. Even if students feel confident that they can handle GRE prep on their own, knowing there’s an opportunity to contact an instructor if they get stuck can provide some additional peace of mind. Also, to be eligible for the 7-point score improvement guarantee, students must take the GRE within 60 days of completing the course.

What Test Takers Are Saying

PrepScholar has a 4.6/5 star rating on Facebook Reviews, with 571 reviews. Meanwhile, on Trustpilot, the service currently has only one negative review. Students on Facebook appear more satisfied. “I highly recommend PrepScholar for GRE studying,” says one review on Facebook. “I used their services to reach the score goal for my intended graduate program.”


Program Price What You Get
Lifetime Subscription $848 Lifetime access to:

  • 150+ hours of lessons
  • Guided study plan
  • 4 scored Analytical Writing essays
  • 2300+ practice questions
  • 2 full-length practice tests
  • Vocabulary course
  • Math cheat sheet
  • Progress tracker
  • 7-point score improvement guarantee
Best-Selling Subscription $398 1 year of access to:

  • 150+ hours of lessons
  • Guided study plan
  • 2300+ practice questions
  • 2 full-length practice tests
  • Vocabulary course
  • Math cheat sheet
  • Progress tracker
  • 7-point score improvement guarantee

Magoosh – Best for Limited Prep Time

Magoosh logo

Magoosh has been offering GRE prep since 2011 and, in that time, has become a go-to resource for students looking to review content and enhance their test-taking abilities in a fun, convenient way. While the company has started offering live online classes, Magoosh’s bread-and-butter is self-guided study plans, which provide comprehensive review materials designed for students to tackle in short study sessions. Two subscription packages are available for self-study, one month and six months.

  • Magoosh 1
  • Magoosh 2
  • Magoosh 3
  • Magoosh 4

Magoosh’s streamlined offerings include both an on-demand, self-paced study plan, and a live online class.

Magoosh offers a 30-day study plan for students with limited study time.

Magoosh’s mobile app, available for Android and Apple devices, makes it easier for students to study anytime, anywhere.

Magoosh’s flashcards are an easy, quick way to test vocabulary knowledge.

What We Like

For those getting around to their GRE prep at the last minute, we recommend a one-month Premium subscription to Magoosh. This plan includes all the content students need to prepare for the GRE, along with a manageable study plan to review it even if time is limited.

When students begin the course, they enter their test date, which Magoosh uses to develop a customized study plan. The study plan will help students tackle the areas they most need improvement and remind them to take practice exams at regular intervals to ensure they are making progress. Magoosh primarily uses short, engaging video lessons to teach and review concepts and strategies, making it easier for students to squeeze in lessons as their schedules allow.

Magoosh is also one of the few GRE prep companies to offer a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users, allowing students to prep on the go if necessary. If students get stuck or need assistance, they can contact Magoosh’s expert tutors via email or chat. The program also offers a 5-point score increase guarantee.

What We Didn’t Like

If there’s a drawback to doing a 1-month subscription to Magoosh’s GRE prep course, it’s that there’s far more material included than can reasonably be studied and retained in 30 days. Magoosh’s customization tools will develop a study plan for students, so they hit all the important content in that time, but slowing the pace does allow students to really get the most out of Magoosh’s robust offerings.

What Test Takers Are Saying

Magoosh has a 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot. Eighty-three percent of reviews say the service is “excellent” for GRE prep. Many users report being satisfied with Magoosh’s flexibility and thoroughness. “It’s a great way to learn,” says one student. “Paired with the official GRE material, it’s the best way to move forward and get the best score!”


Program Price What You Get
Premium Subscription (1 Month) $149 1 month of access to:

  • Video lessons
  • 1600+ practice questions
  • 3 practice tests
  • Study schedules
  • 5-point score improvement guarantee
  • “Ask an Expert” feature
  • Personalized study plans
Premium Subscription (6 Months) $179 6 months of access to:

  • Video lessons
  • 1600+ practice questions
  • 3 practice tests
  • Study schedules
  • 5-point score improvement guarantee
  • “Ask an Expert” feature
  • Personalized study plans
Premium Subscription + Live Online $479 6 months of access to everything in the Premium Subscription, plus:

  • 16 hours of live online instruction
  • Homework assignments

Manhattan Prep – Best for MBA Applicants

Manhattan Prep logo

Although a wide variety of graduate programs accept GRE scores as part of their applications, they are often weighted most heavily by MBA programs. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Manhattan Prep has a GRE prep course designed specifically for students taking the GRE as part of an MBA application. If you’re a GRE test-taker who fits into this category, we recommend taking a closer look at Manhattan Prep’s Live Online GRE for the MBA course.

  • Manhattan Prep 1
  • Manhattan Prep 2
  • Manhattan Prep 3

Manhattan Prep offers its GRE for MBA prep course both online and in-person for students in the New York City area.

Included in Manhattan Prep’s GRE for MBA course is their “5lb Book of GRE Practice Problems,” a well-known resource in GRE prep.

Manhattan Prep’s GRE for MBA course also includes access to on-demand resources, like well-produced video lessons to help students review concepts covered in class.

What We Like

Manhattan Prep’s GRE for MBA course combines live online instruction with on-demand materials to create a robust learning experience with an emphasis on Quantitative Reasoning skills and topics. Manhattan Prep also offers an in-person version of this class for students who live in the New York City area.

Students get 27 hours of live instruction over the course of nine weeks, with classes meeting once per week. New live online sessions start about once per month. Class sizes are limited to ensure students get personalized attention and have an opportunity to interact with Manhattan Prep’s top-tier faculty. Instructors come from a variety of different backgrounds but are all 99th percentile GRE scorers and complete rigorous, ongoing training.

Outside of class hours, students can expect to complete homework assignments to reinforce concepts and skills. Manhattan Prep includes:

  • Six months of access to their Interact for GRE on-demand program.
  • Providing additional video lessons.
  • Practice questions.
  • Six full-length practice tests.

Students also get Manhattan Prep’s set of GRE prep books covering math and verbal strategies and practice problems.

What We Didn’t Like

Manhattan Prep’s Live Online course, starting at $1599,  is among the more expensive options on our list, which may put it out of reach for some students. It is also a relatively demanding program, with 10-15 hours of homework per week between classes. We would also like to see class cycles starting more frequently instead of once per month.

Also, keep in mind that the GRE is exactly the same, whether you’re going to graduate school for an MBA or not. Manhattan started as a GMAT company (fun fact: Andrew Yang was basically a co-founder), so their students are mostly MBA applicants. I believe they’ve created this course to appeal to that market, though it is certainly a popular course for MBA applicants. However, the course, to me, seems the same as the general GRE course that Manhattan Prep offers.

What Test Takers Are Saying

Manhattan Prep’s Trustpilot score is 4.7/5 stars. Of 672 reviews, 87% are “excellent.” A number of reviewers praise specific instructors for being engaging, personable, and teaching the material in a fun, interactive way. “Quant preparation was splendidly comprehensive,” says one student. “The interactive platform had a clever way to make complex things simpler and easier to grasp.”


Program Price What You Get
GRE for MBA $1599
  • 27 hours of live online instruction
  • Homework assignments
  • 6 practice tests
  • 66 interactive video lessons
  • 100,000+ practice problems
  • Video explanations
  • Mobile app
  • 4 GRE prep and practice books

Achievable – Best for Reading-Style Learners

Achievable logo

Achievable is a test prep service designed primarily for working professionals preparing for graduate school or professional credentialing exams. Like other on-demand GRE prep courses, Achievable uses adaptive learning technology to customize lessons and practice to a student’s current abilities. Rather than using video lessons to review content, Achievable uses text-based lessons, with an online textbook as its centerpiece, making this an ideal program for students who learn best by reading content.

  • Achievable 1
  • Achievable 2
  • Achievable 3
  • Achievable 4

An Achievable subscription includes access to a variety of different GRE prep resources centered around its online textbook.

One element of Achievable’s GRE prep that we feel could be improved is their dashboard to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Achievable’s practice exams are broken down by section, so that students can focus on the subject matter they need to review most.

Achievable’s textbook includes explanations and examples for all subjects covered on the GRE. 

What We Like

The key resource in Achievable’s GRE prep program is their online textbook, which covers all three sections of the GRE General Test. In addition to text-based descriptions and explanations, Achievable’s textbook includes colorful illustrations, diagrams, and other visual elements to reinforce concepts and skills.

Once students complete a textbook section, the concepts they cover are integrated into their practice questions and assignments. Achievable is constantly updating its question bank. All practice questions come with step-by-step answer explanations, so if students get an incorrect answer, they know where they went wrong and how to get the correct answer the next time.

Achievable’s “memory progress” tracker keeps track of how well students remember content to ensure that they’re genuinely absorbing the material as they go. Achievable’s algorithm will also review content periodically to ensure students retain it in their long-term memory.

As a program geared towards working professionals, Achievable seeks to make its content accessible and convenient with a mobile-friendly, clean, user-friendly interface. Users can study on the go with flashcards and receive instant feedback on their Analytical Writing prep.

What We Didn’t Like

Achievable’s written content is thorough, which is a double-edged sword. While students who learn best visually or by reading and writing may find this method helpful, auditory or kinesthetic learners will likely be overwhelmed by how Achievable presents its content. Achievable’s course progress and memory progress trackers are oddly designed and could potentially be confusing to some students.

What Test Takers Are Saying

As a newer company, Achievable’s user reviews are limited. The company doesn’t currently have any user reviews on sites like Testpilot and Facebook.


Program Price What You Get
Achievable GRE Course $199 1 year of access to:

  • Comprehensive online textbook
  • Unlimited Quantitative Reasoning question bank
  • 200+ Verbal Reasoning practice questions
  • 250+ vocabulary questions
  • Essay practice

What to Consider Before Signing Up for GRE Test Prep

I want students to be very aware of the average scores for their target programs before they start studying, and I would also want them to think about whether one section matters more than the others for their graduate school goals. For example, an MFA program won’t care AT ALL about your quant score; a math or economics PhD program will demand a nearly perfect quant score, and might not care about verbal.

Your learning style

As mentioned previously, every individual learns differently. It’s worth mentioning again because choosing a GRE prep program that doesn’t match your learning style might mean wasting precious time and money. When researching GRE prep options, reflect on what methods of instruction have resonated with you in the past. Do you need to hear and see concepts demonstrated for you? An interactive online class through Kaplan or Varsity Tutors might be the way to go. Or do you learn best by reading material and taking time to process information? Then you might want to consider text-based lessons from ETS Official Prep or Achievable.

Your amount of prep time

When do you plan on taking the GRE? How much time do you have between now and then to commit to studying? It’s best to be realistic about how many hours per week you can devote to GRE prep, as this will influence the program you choose. Signing up for an intensive program like Manhattan Prep won’t be beneficial if you can’t commit several hours per week to classes and homework. Many on-demand programs like Magoosh let you decide how many hours you want to study, then build a plan around those needs. In addition, you should check the application deadlines at the schools to which you are applying to ensure that you submit your GRE results on time.

Your budget

As you’ve seen, the cost of GRE prep can range from free to several thousand dollars. Neither is necessarily better than the other and spending more doesn’t always guarantee a higher score. We recommend figuring out what you feel comfortable spending on GRE prep and finding a program that fits that budget, as well as the other needs mentioned above. Many programs on our list offer free trials. Take advantage of these trials to test-drive courses before paying for them. Be sure to read the fine print of any money-back guarantees as well, as many have specific criteria students must meet in order to be eligible.

GRE Test Prep Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important dates for taking the GRE?

Students can take the GRE anytime from anywhere online. They must register at least 24 hours in advance and ensure that their testing equipment and environment meet specific requirements. The GRE is also offered in person on a regular basis at authorized test centers around the world. GRE scores are typically processed within 10-15 days. Students should keep this in mind when scheduling their GRE test date to ensure that scores are available to the schools they are applying to in time to meet application deadlines.

Are the accommodations for disabilities?

Yes, the GRE offers accommodations for students with disabilities and health-related needs. Accommodations include extended time, alternate test formats such as Braille, assistance for notetaking and spoken directions, and more. Students seeking accommodations must submit a request prior to scheduling their test date. If an accommodation request is approved, students will then receive information about how to register for the exam.

Where can I find practice tests?

ETS offers two free practice exams, which students can complete online. Like the official GRE, the practice exams are timed, although students have the option to take one practice exam in an untimed format. The free practice exams include a score report and answer key. Students can upgrade to paid practice exams, which also include answer explanations and problem-solving strategies.

When should I take the GRE?

The timing of the GRE depends largely on when you’re planning to apply to graduate school. GRE scores are valid for five years after the test date. If you’re planning to go to grad school immediately after or within a year or two of completing your undergraduate degree, take the GRE in your junior or senior year of college. This way, much of the material will still be fresh in your mind. Otherwise, we recommend waiting until you know when you will apply to graduate schools. Also, be mindful of application deadlines for the schools you’re applying to. You’ll want to complete the test in time to have your scores sent to the schools of your choice before their deadlines pass.

How early should I prepare for the GRE?

Experts generally recommend that students spend one to three months preparing for the GRE. However, the specific amount of preparation time needed depends on a few factors, including the length of time a student has been out of school, a student’s baseline score and their desired score, and how much study time a student has each week. Because the GRE is offered continuously, students have the flexibility to register for the test when they feel most ready, whether after a few weeks or a few months of preparation.

How many practice tests should I take before the actual exam?

Taking a practice test before or early in your GRE preparation process is a good idea. This will give you a baseline score from which to start and help you identify the areas on which you most need to focus. As you go through your prep process, take practice exams every 4-6 weeks to see how you’re progressing. Most GRE prep programs, whether they are self-guided or synchronous, include practice exams at regular intervals. Generally speaking, 2-4 practice exams will help students get a solid idea of what they can expect from the GRE in terms of the overall score and test format and content.

Keep in mind that only the official GRE tests are likely to be accurate predictors of students’ actual GRE score — and even then, they can expect their scores to fluctuate by a few points from day to day (If you want to get super-nerdy, we can talk about the standard error of measurement on the GRE — 2.2 points for verbal, 2.4 points for quant.).

Non-official tests can be great for getting a feel for time pressure and exam format, but they aren’t generally as accurate as the ETS tests.

How long are most GRE prep courses?

Most GRE prep programs are one to six months in length. Courses with a live instruction component typically include anywhere from 16 to 24 hours of classroom time, spread out over the course of a few weeks. Self-paced programs usually give students access to study materials for six months to 1 year, although that may vary by specific program and subscription plan.

Is GRE prep worth it?

For students willing and able to commit the time and energy to follow a study plan, complete practice questions, and exams, and attend classes or tutoring sessions, GRE prep is typically worth it. The GRE is an extensive exam that covers multiple subjects and skills acquired throughout the test taker’s education. Reviewing this content and familiarizing yourself with the format and style of the GRE is beneficial, so you know what to expect when you sit for the exam.

How much does GRE prep cost?

Prices for GRE prep courses can range from around $100 to several thousand dollars. Factors influencing the cost of a GRE prep course include whether the program is self-guided or includes live instruction, course length, and materials provided. Individuals who need a basic refresher may find that a free or low-cost program is sufficient. Those who want personalized attention, robust prep materials, and a more extended program may find investing in a more expensive course worthwhile. Keep an eye out for discounts and sales to help offset program costs. For specific course pricing, please see the individual program descriptions above.

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