The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is required by top medical schools as part of their admissions process. While there are schools that don’t require students to provide an MCAT score, most accredited programs in the U.S. and Canada won’t accept applicants who haven’t passed the MCAT. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), more than 85,000 students take the MCAT each year. To help you prepare for this exam, we’ve ranked and reviewed the top 10 MCAT prep courses.

Our Ranking Criteria

We chose MCAT prep courses for this list that have successfully helped test-takers improve their results. Aside from that, we intentionally included prep courses that cater to busy schedules and offer added features, such as personalized instruction.

Flexible scheduling and adaptable formats

The best MCAT prep courses can deliver material in a variety of formats so you can pick and choose what works best for you and your schedule. The three main format types are on-demand online instruction, live online classes, and in-person instruction. We picked test prep courses that had as many of these options as possible.

Personalized instruction

Every test prep course and method isn’t a fit for every person. That’s why we tried to choose test prep options that could be personalized to fit your needs. This may mean opting for one-on-one tutoring or taking pre-tests that show your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can customize your test prep around them.

The Best MCAT Prep Courses

Altius — Top Pick

Founded more than a decade ago, Altius offers one-on-one MCAT mentoring to help test-takers prepare for their exams, self-directed online study, and group classes. Courses focus on helping students develop their critical thinking skills while enhancing their understanding of scientific principles that are vital to a career in medicine. Instructors have all completed the MCATs and have achieved scores in the 95th to 100th percentile. As an Altius student, you can access support 24 hours a day. It’s also worth noting that Altius uses FBI software to analyze the MCAT and make sure their practice tests have the exact flow, font, and length as the real test. And independently-reviewed data from TD Price and Associates shows that the average MCAT score of Altius students is 516.4, just above the 90th percentile. If you take one of their mentored programs (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and don’t get a 90th percentile score or higher, they will work with you until you do or give your money back.

Altius MCAT


  • $3,699 to $6,999
  • In-person, on-demand online, and live online courses
  • Programs include 24-hour access to one-on-one tutoring
What we like What we don’t like
  • Offers a variety of access options.
  • Tutoring is included in program costs.
  • No programming for learning disabilities.

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The Princeton Review — Best Self-Directed Program

The Princeton Review offers MCAT students the opportunity to enroll in structured courses or to learn at their own pace. The program guarantees that students will achieve a score of at least 510 on their tests, and a money-back guarantee is available for those who don’t. It helps students practice effective ways to solve exam questions without focusing on memorization. In addition to The Princeton Review’s standard MCAT prep course, it also offers a 515+ immersion course, which is designed to help students achieve scores in the highest percentiles. You can also choose self-directed study, which includes on-demand video lessons that you can access on your own time.



  • $2,649 to $7,049
  • In-person, on-demand online, and live online courses
  • Included access to eight practice tests
What we like What we don’t like
  • Flexible learning options.
  • Money-back guarantee for scores under 510.
  • Tutoring available.
  • Courses are expensive compared with competitors.
  • Limited practice tests.

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Blueprint — Best Instructors

Blueprint offers several MCAT course options for learners, including live online courses and in-person courses. This company boasts an average score increase of 13 points for students who’ve successfully finished its courses. If you’re just looking to brush up on your testing skills, you can subscribe to the company’s practice test membership, which gives you access to several MCAT practice exams. Extra tutoring is available, as well as special help for individuals with learning disabilities. Live online courses are available, as well as on-demand courses that can be accessed on your own schedule. Students receive access to a customizable study planning tool, as well as live support from instructors.



  • $1,999 – $3,399+
  • In-person, on-demand online, and live online courses
  • Free 5-day trial
What we like What we don’t like
  • Option to access practice tests only.
  • Tutoring available for an extra cost.
  • Free trial available.
  • Tutoring is expensive.
  • Limited practice tests.

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MCAT Self-Prep — Most Affordable

MCAT Self-Prep provides free prep courses for test-takers, along with premium access subscriptions that include a variety of additional features. Courses are structured and lessons are available on-demand. Each module can be customized, enabling you to learn at your own pace and in your own way. Each MCAT Self Prep eCourse is designed based on the experiences of students who’ve scored in the top fifth percentile. All course materials and practice tests are modeled after the actual MCAT, which helps students gain confidence when they go into the real test. Support from experienced tutors is available around the clock via chat, and all students are invited to join the company’s Facebook study group. Self-Prep’s free MCAT eCourse is hugely popular with test takers, earning them the spot of most affordable on our list.



  • Free eCourse
  • Optional add-ons: $9 to $999
  • On-demand online courses
  • Support offered via chat
What we like What we don’t like
  • Courses include practice exams.
  • Support available around-the-clock.
  • On-demand courses for busy schedules.
  • No option for live learning.
  • Limited practice exams.

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Kaplan — Best Product Offerings

Kaplan’s MCAT program is available in several delivery options, including live online and on-demand courses. When you sign up with Kaplan, the website provides you with a short, three-question quiz to determine which of its programs is best suited to your needs. Its prep courses are relatively affordable when compared with other test prep companies. Several delivery options are available, including live online courses and on-demand video lectures, which are a great option if you have a busy schedule. If you prefer to access practice tests or questions only, Kaplan offers memberships that are focused solely on providing access to its MCAT practice exams and question bank. Tutoring is available, as is specialty programming for test-takers with learning disabilities.

Kaplan homepage


  • $1,799 to $2,999
  • In-person, on-demand online, and live online courses
  • Free 7-day trial
What we like What we don’t like
  • On-demand courses offer flexibility.
  • Offers practice exam-only access.
  • Caters to learning disabilities.
  • Tutoring and other add-ons are expensive.

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Examkrackers — Best In-Person Experience

Examkrackers features online MCAT prep courses that include 138 hours of live and recorded lessons. Test-takers participate in 44 lessons and 32 mini-MCAT tests to help them prepare for the real thing. These tests and lessons are modeled after the actual MCAT exam to help students understand the types of questions they’ll be required to answer and identify areas that may need improvement. Additionally, you’ll be provided with live access to your instructor, enabling you to ask questions and obtain extra support along the way. If you feel the need for further support, one-on-one tutoring is available, as well as a variety of course materials that can be used for independent study.



  • $1,745 to $1,895
  • On-demand online and live online courses
  • One-on-one support available
What we like What we don’t like
  • All courses include live instruction.
  • Regular live practice quizzes.
  • Taught by Ph.D. MCAT instructors.
  • Limited flexibility.
  • No personalization for learning disabilities.

Learn more — Best Online Course offers various online and home-study MCAT courses and practice tests. Courses and tests simulate the real exam and results include study tips and comprehensive explanations for wrong answers. Learners can access practice tests online for free or purchase a paid membership to access extra tests and on-demand courses. Memberships range in length from three months to 12 months, with ongoing month-to-month options available. Each membership includes varying books and access levels to facilitate independent study. Other materials that may be provided include videos and flashcards. Online access includes a progress tracker that saves test scores and tracks improvement in several areas of the test, as well as access to comprehensive technical support during business hours.



  • $49.95 to $299
  • On-demand online courses
  • 20 MCAT practice tests available
What we like What we don’t like
  • Offers flexibility for busy schedules.
  • Large library of practice tests.
  • Test-only access options.
  • No live instruction available.
  • No money-back guarantee.

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Magoosh — Best for Students with Learning Disabilities

Magoosh’s MCAT prep courses are guaranteed to improve scores by at least 10 points. Its courses are customized to meet the needs of each test-taker, and the company strives to provide adequate resources for individuals with learning disabilities. Access includes lectures and study materials on all MCAT subjects, including biochemistry, physics, psychology, and sociology. You can also access the company’s large library of full-length practice tests, which feature more than 700 questions. Tests are graded immediately so you can plan your studying around the areas that need the most improvement. Magoosh offers a no-strings-attached, seven-day money-back guarantee. Tutors are available to provide email support 24 hours a day.

Magoosh homepage


  • $379 to $399
  • On-demand online courses
  • Free 7-day trial
What we like What we don’t like
  • Variety of practice questions included.
  • Monthly and annual access options.
  • All plans include email support.
  • No option for live learning.

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AptarePrep — Biggest Practice Exam Library

AptarePrep MCAT Prep Courses are designed by a team of professors, advisors, and experienced MCAT coaches. Their practice library is huge and includes more than 4,800 MCAT practice questions. When compared with many other MCAT prep courses, this company is quite affordable. They offer a variety of access options, ranging from one month to one year. Each plan includes full access to the company’s vast practice test library.



  • $49 to $199
  • On-demand online and live online courses
  • One-on-one support
What we like What we don’t like
  • On-demand classes for busy schedules.
  • One-on-one tutoring available.
  • Affordable access.
  • No option for in-person learning.

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Khan Academy – Best Free Online Prep

Khan Academy facilitates free MCAT prep courses and test exams. All of its programs are self-directed, which means there’s no live interaction with instructors and no course individualization for those with learning disabilities. If you require tutoring, extra support is available for a donation. Khan Academy’s MCAT prep course is focused on several topics, including critical analysis, reasoning skills, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and physical foundations of biological systems. Additionally, its courses teach skills in areas such as psychology and sociology. All programs include access to the organization’s online community, which test-takers can use to meet other students and ask for support, as well as an iOS and Android app. One important thing to note is that Khan Academy plans to retire this course on September 30, 2021, so if you’re looking for a long-term prep course, this may not be for you.



  • Free
  • On-demand online courses
  • Eight practice tests available
What we like What we don’t like
  • On-demand learning for busy schedules.
  • Tutoring available for an extra cost.
  • Variety of practice tests.
  • No options for in-person learning.
  • Doesn’t customize lessons for learning styles.
  • Course will be retired in September 2021.

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Choose the Right MCAT Prep Course for You

When you’re choosing a prep course for your MCAT, it’s important to consider your learning style, goals, budget, and how much time you have to prep. Every prep course is a little different and has its own set of pros and cons. Make sure you think through the following steps before you commit to an MCAT course.

Calculate prep time

The MCAT test consists of 230 questions in a variety of categories, including physics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, psychology, and sociology. A test of that caliber requires a lot of prep time, and as such, it’s important to start preparing as early as possible. Consider your test date and choose a program that can deliver lessons in an appropriate timeframe.

Consider your learning style

You might be a kinetic, an auditory, or a visual learner, and if you don’t already know, it’s important to find out before you select a prep course. You can take an assessment to discover which of these categories applies to you and what learning methods you’re most likely to be successful with. Once you know more, look for an MCAT prep course that offers coursework via the methods that work best for you.

Compare costs

Like many students, cost might be a deciding factor for you. Determine your budget for MCAT prep and find a course that fits within it. It’s also a good idea to do your research and search for discount codes online.

Look for must-have features

Many MCAT prep courses include more than just lessons. Look for the features that are important to you, such as extensive MCAT practice test libraries, 24-hour support, one-on-one tutoring, and free trials. If the course you’re considering is expensive, you might also want to look for a full or partial money-back guarantee, which means you’ll receive a refund on your course fees if you don’t achieve a specific score when you take your test.

MCAT Prep Course Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important dates for taking the MCAT?

MCAT test dates are offered several times each month in testing centers across the U.S. The following table breaks down when these test dates are scheduled for 2022 as well as when you can expect your scores to be available.

Test Date* Estimated Date Scores Are Available
April 8, 2022 May 10, 2022
April 9, 2022 May 10, 2022
April 29, 2022 May 31, 2022
April 30, 2022 May 31, 2022
May 13, 2022 June 14, 2022
May 14, 2022 June 14, 2022
May 19, 2022 June 21, 2022
May 27, 2022 June 28, 2022
June 4, 2022 July 6, 2022
June 17, 2022 July 19, 2022
June 18, 2022 July 19, 2022
June 24, 2022 July 26, 2022
June 25, 2022 July 26, 2022
June 30, 2022 August 1, 2022
July 16, 2022 August 16, 2022
July 29, 2022 August 30, 2022
August 5, 2022 September 7, 2022
August 20, 2022 September 20, 2022
August 26, 2022 September 27, 2022
August 27, 2022 September 27, 2022
September 1, 2022 October 4, 2022
September 2, 2022 October 4, 2022
September 9, 2022 October 11, 2022
September 10, 2022 October 11, 2022

*Test dates accurate as of March 30, 2022.

Are there accommodations for disabilities?

If you have a disability, you can apply for accommodated testing with the AAMC. Adjustments to test guidelines won’t be made unless you apply in advance.

Where can I find practice tests?

MCAT practice tests are widely available online. The AAMC maintains a database of approved prep bundles, question sets, and full-length practice exams.

How early should I prep?

While every student is different, it’s usually advised to begin preparing for the MCAT at least three to six months before your scheduled test. This gives you time to take practice tests, determine areas that need improvement, and obtain additional support or tutoring if needed.

How many practice tests should I take before the actual exam?

Practice tests are designed to help you gain confidence when you take the real test and determine any areas you might need to improve in. It’s best to take as many practice tests as you need to feel confident in taking the actual test. That being said, even if you feel completely confident about your MCAT, it’s a good idea to take a few tests in the weeks and months before the test.

Is MCAT prep worth it?

If you’re determined to get into medical school, MCAT prep is a worthwhile investment. A reputable test prep company can help you achieve a higher score and secure your place in the school you want.

How long are most MCAT prep courses?

The length of prep courses varies. While some offer a quick approach (one month or less) for students whose tests are approaching, others provide you with up to a year to complete coursework.

How much does MCAT prep cost?

The cost of MCAT prep courses varies quite a bit. While some courses bill monthly, others will require you to pay a one-time fee for the course or an annual subscription fee.

Company Cost
  • Platinum: $6,999
  • Gold: $4,999
  • Silver: $3,699
The Princeton Review
  • MCAT 515+ Immersion: $7,049
  • MCAT 510+: $3,199
  • LiveOnline: $2,649
  • Live Online: Starts at $2,199
  • Online Course: Starts at $1,999
  • Tutoring: Starts at $3,399
MCAT Self-Prep
  • Free eCourse
  • Basic Pro: $9
  • Advanced Pro: $99
  • Deluxe Pro: $999
  • Live Online Course: $2,499
  • Live Online Course Plus: $2,999
  • On-Demand Course: $1,799
  • On-Demand Course Plus: $2,299
Examkrackers MCAT
  • OnDemand Course: $1,745
  • Live-Online Class: $1,895
  • MCAT Crash Course: $49.95
  • MCAT University: $79.95
  • MCAT Masters Series: $299
  • 1-Month Premium: $379
  • 12-Month Premium: $399
  • 15-Day Access: $49
  • 30-Day Access: $69
  • 60-Day Access: $114
  • 90-Day Access: $149
  • 120-Day Access: $179
  • 365-Day Access: $199
Khan Academy
  • Free

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