Why This Matters


    Innovations in training methods, changes in technology, and an increasing population of remote workers are contributing to a 7% increase in the need for organizational leaders.


    A survey conducted by O*NET found that 52% of training and development managers said they have a bachelor’s, while 15% said they have a post-baccalaureate degree.

  • EARN $113,000 PER YEAR

    Training and development managers earn $113,350 per year on average. The lowest 10% earned less than $65,000 while the highest 10% earned more than $196,000 a year with a bachelor’s degree.

Our Research

This list focuses on undergraduate programs in organizational leadership, including online and hybrid courses. As a management-related field, organizational leadership programs primarily award a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree.

A degree in organizational leadership touches on a variety of disciplines, from business analytics and management skills to behavioral sciences and business ethics. The Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS) accredits organizational leadership bachelor’s programs that meet rigorous standards of quality and service in management education. In addition to ACS-accredited programs, this list also includes programs offered by regionally accredited schools and colleges as another option for quality education.

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The Top 50 Online Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership Programs

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What You Should Know About This Degree

As you explore this career, note the difference between human resource specialists and organizational leaders. Organizational leaders specialize in creating, planning, and coordinating complex skills and knowledge-based programs for the organization’s workforce. Human resource managers are responsible for maximizing the value and productivity of the organization’s employees.

Employers seek organizational leaders who typically have a combination of education and related work experience. Organizational leaders come from a variety of educational backgrounds — these professionals commonly hold degrees in business administration, education, or a related field.

Certification isn’t required for organizational leaders, but many employers prefer candidates who have earned additional certificates. The Management and Strategy Institute offers Strategic Organizational Leadership Certified (SOLC) courses that are designed to teach students how to apply leadership methods and management skills in large organizations.

The Association for Talent Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement specialize in professional training and also offer certification programs. The Society for Human Resource Management offers general human resources certification.

What’s Next?

Here are some questions to ask when researching online bachelor’s in organizational leadership programs:

  • Am I eligible for this program? Most organizational leadership bachelor’s programs accept all students with a high school diploma or GED. Top programs may also require personal statements, letters of recommendation, or a certain GPA. Check the program’s admissions guidelines and follow up with the school if you have specific questions about whether you meet their requirements.
  • How long does it take to complete an online bachelor’s in organizational leadership? Most online organizational leadership bachelor’s programs require between 120 and 180 college credits to graduate. It takes an average of four years of full-time coursework to complete this degree.

As you research online programs, you should note application deadlines and required materials for each school. You can usually find this on the school’s admissions page.

Be sure to apply for financial aid and submit any necessary documentation before the deadline. Research scholarships, internships, and tuition reimbursement programs your employer may offer.