CareerFoundry is an online career training platform that aims to help students transition into new careers in tech as quickly as possible. All of the school’s programs are fully online and self-paced, making it an ideal option for those who need a flexible schedule.

From user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to digital marketing and full stack web development, CareerFoundry offers a versatile range of career training programs. Students may also be eligible for a job guarantee that ensures they’ll receive their money back if they don’t find a job within six months of graduating.

With flexible payment plans, personalized job support services, and one-on-one tutoring, CareerFoundry is one of the best online platforms for individuals who want to pursue a new career without having to earn a four-year degree.

CareerFoundry Overview Table

Courses Offered UX Design
UI Design
Full-Stack Web Development
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing
Product Management
Course Delivery Method Asynchronous online lessons, individual study, tutoring, one-on-one mentorship
Length of Courses 4-10 months
Time Commitment 30-40 hours per week for full-time students; 15-20 hours per week for part-time students
Tuition Policy CareerFoundry offers several payment options, including upfront tuition payments, flexible monthly payments, a deferred tuition model, and financing through Ascent and Climb.
Tuition X Design: $7,110
UI Design: $7,110
Full-Stack Web Development: $7,650
Data Analytics: $6,210
Digital Marketing: $6,210
Product Management: $6,210
Job Placement CareerFoundry offers personalized career coaching, a job prep course, and a career support center to help students start their new careers. CareerFoundry also offers a job guarantee, and students may receive a full tuition refund if they are unable to find a job within six months of completing the program.
Certificates Offered None

How Signing Up For a Bootcamp With CareerFoundry Works

Before signing up with CareerFoundry, individuals can enroll in a free short course or schedule a call with a program advisor to learn more about what learning at CareerFoundry is like and determine whether the program is right for them.

Those interested in enrolling at CareerFoundry can get started by choosing a course, creating an account, and filling out an application. You’ll need to provide basic information such as your full name and email address.

After applying, applicants will receive a call from an admissions counselor for an interview. During the interview, applicants can expect to discuss their career goals, why they picked a specific program, what their experience is, and how they plan to pay for the program.

If the interview goes smoothly, CareerFoundry will offer the applicant a spot in their program of choice in the next available cohort.

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CareerFoundry Tuition Overview

CareerFoundry’s career change courses have varying tuition costs, ranging from $6,210 to $7,650 when paid upfront.

If students aren’t able to pay for their tuition upfront, they can choose from several other more flexible payment plans, including monthly payments with an upfront deposit, deferred tuition, or financing.

Students who choose the deferred tuition option will not have to pay anything upfront and will start making payments several months after completing the program.

Those interested in financing can apply for an education loan through Ascent or Climb. Students can contact a program advisor to learn more about their financing options before enrolling in a program.

If none of these options suit your needs, you can contact a program advisor to discuss setting up a personalized payment plan for your tuition.

Bootcamp Courses Available

UX Design

$7,110 | Online | Self-Paced Full Time or Part Time | 15-40 hours per week | 5-10 months | New start dates every two weeks

CareerFoundry’s UX Design program is an asynchronous online bootcamp that teaches students the skills, tools, and processes they need to become UX designers. The course is self-paced and designed to be completed in a maximum of 10 months, though students can complete the program in as few as five months if they can commit to 30 to 40 hours per week. The program utilizes a dual mentorship model to ensure students receive the support they need to succeed, and a free job prep course and career coaching services help ensure students can find a job after completing the program.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? No experience required

UI Design

$7,110 | Online | Self-Paced Full Time or Part Time | 15-40 hours per week | 5-9 months | New start dates every two weeks

Students in CareerFoundry’s UI Design bootcamp will develop a professional design portfolio, receive one-on-one coaching, and work closely with expert tutors and mentors to learn the skills they need to become UI designers. The program is fully online and can be completed asynchronously during a nine-month period. The UI Design course is beginner-friendly and only requires applicants to have an interest in UI design and access to a computer with a webcam, microphone, and an internet connection.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? No experience required

Full-Stack Web Development

$7,650 | Online | Self-Paced Full Time or Part Time | 15-40 hours per week | 5-10 months | New start dates every two weeks

CareerFoundry’s beginner-friendly Full-Stack Web Development program offers a well-rounded curriculum that teaches in-demand skills and tools like HTML, CSS, Git, and version control. Students will work directly with mentors and tutors to progress through the program, and upon completing the course, students will have several real-world projects to add to their professional portfolios. After completing the course, students will receive ongoing career support to help them launch their new careers.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? No experience required

Data Analytics

$6,210 | Online | Self-Paced Full Time or Part Time | 15-40 hours per week | 4-8 months | New start dates every two weeks

The Data Analytics program at CareerFoundry is completely beginner-friendly, requiring no previous experience for admission. The comprehensive curriculum covers important topics like visualizing data insights, analytical methods, and understanding data sets. Students can take a free introduction course to learn basic data analytics skills and determine whether or not the course is right for them. Like other courses offered on the platform, the Data Analytics program includes ongoing career support and one-on-one mentoring.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? No experience required

Digital Marketing

$6,210 | Online | Self-Paced Full Time or Part Time | 15-40 hours per week | 4-7 months | New start dates every two weeks

CareerFoundry’s Digital Marketing career change program is designed to teach students the skills they need to become digital marketers in four to seven months. Students will learn how to develop buyer personas, research competitors, define brand values, plan digital marketing campaigns, and create impactful digital content. Students will graduate with impressive professional portfolios, and the program includes ongoing job support and a job guarantee to ensure students are successful.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? No experience required

Product Management

$6,210 | Online | Self-Paced Full Time or Part Time | 15-40 hours per week | 4-6 months | New start dates every two weeks

CareerFoundry’s Product Management curriculum is designed with complete beginners in mind, making it a great option for any person interested in transitioning into a new career as a product manager. Throughout the program, students will learn important skills like market research, user research, and product design. The program is asynchronous, allowing students to learn on their schedules; those who can commit to a full-time schedule can complete the program in as little as four months.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? No experience required

A Typical Week at CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry’s programs are offered in fully online formats, allowing students to learn on a schedule that works for them. This also means that the typical weekly experience at CareerFoundry depends largely on how much time you can commit to your program.

Most programs require about 400 to 420 total hours to complete, and students who want to complete their program in the required time frame should expect to commit at least 15 to 20 hours per week to their coursework. Those who can commit to 40 hours per week can complete their programs in significantly less time.

Coursework consists of a combination of prerecorded lessons, one-on-one mentoring and tutoring, independent study, and project work.

Programs begin with a short introduction period, during which students will learn the key skills and tools they’ll need throughout the program. After completing the introduction course, students will move on to the immersive curriculum, which dives deeper into the professional skills and technologies they’ll need to find a job in their chosen field.

Additional Features

Expert-level curriculum

No matter which program you choose, you can expect a comprehensive curriculum designed in collaboration with industry experts. This means that students will learn the in-demand skills and technologies they need to make themselves hireable.

Curricula are constantly updated and refined as needed to stay up to date with industry trends and standards, and students can expect to complete several real-world projects that they can add to their portfolios and use during their job searches to impress hiring managers.

Alumni community

Because CareerFoundry’s programs are online and self-paced, some students may find them isolating at times. To combat this, students can join CareerFoundry’s global Slack community to gain access to the platform’s large alumni community.

Students can ask each other questions, help each other with course materials, find job opportunities, and more by interacting with each other through the social channel.

Job prep course

Once students reach the halfway point of a program, they can opt into the job prep course, which gives them full access to career coaching and support services for up to six months after graduation.

The job prep course will help students prepare for interviews, build their resumes, understand modern hiring practices, and more as they prepare for the job hunt.

What We Like About CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry offers a wide range of career training programs with flexible payment options, thoughtfully designed curricula, and exceptional job support services, making it a great option for any person interested in pursuing a new career in tech.

Flexible payment plans

One of the biggest barriers to education for many people is cost, and CareerFoundry addresses this by offering flexible payment plans for students who can’t afford to pay for their tuition upfront.

Students can choose to make a modest deposit and pay the rest in monthly installments, defer their tuition until after graduation, or finance their program with an education loan through Ascent or Climb. These versatile payment plans make CareerFoundry’s programs more accessible than the programs offered on some other popular career training platforms.

Job guarantee

Some individuals may be concerned that completing an online bootcamp won’t be enough to help them find a job, resulting in wasted time and money.

CareerFoundry offers a job placement guarantee, allowing eligible students to receive a full tuition refund if they don’t find a job within six months of completing their program.

To be eligible for the job guarantee, students must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or equivalent, live in or be willing to relocate to an eligible metropolitan area, be open to both remote and on-site positions, complete their program and pay tuition in full, and complete the job prep course.

Students can learn more about these eligibility requirements by reading the full terms and conditions.

Free introduction courses

Enrolling in an online bootcamp is a big commitment. To make this decision easier, CareerFoundry offers free introduction courses in UX design, UI design, front-end web development, data analytics, digital marketing, and product management.

These short courses are designed to introduce students to these fields, teach them basic in-demand skills, and explain potential career outcomes.

What We Don’t Like About CareerFoundry

Although CareerFoundry offers several high-quality career training programs, there are a few potential downsides that individuals should consider before enrolling in a course.

Courses only available in asynchronous format

CareerFoundry’s career training programs are only available in fully online, self-paced formats. For some students, this may not be an issue. However, others may find that they benefit more from a structured, synchronous learning environment in which they have the opportunity to learn and interact directly with their peers and instructors.

To be successful in CareerFooundry’s programs, students need to consider whether or not they have the discipline and availability to complete their coursework on their own within the duration of the program.

Lack of scholarships

CareerFoundry does offer multiple tuition payment plans, but it does not offer full scholarships for students who can demonstrate financial need. As a result, those who are not able to afford their tuition may consider looking at other career training platforms that offer need-based scholarships.

Interested in a degree instead?

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