Flatiron School opened its doors in 2012 and has since helped over 5,000 of its students launch careers in tech.

Flatiron offers bootcamps in software engineering, data analytics, product design, and cybersecurity, and students can choose between full-time and part-time programs, making it an accessible option for working adults.

The school’s comprehensive curricula, beginner-friendly programs, excellent job support services, flexible enrollment options, and positive reputation make it one of the best options available for individuals interested in pursuing a new career.

Flatiron School Overview Table

Website https://flatironschool.com/
Courses Offered Software Engineering
Data Science
Product Design
Course Delivery Method Courses are available online or on-site in Denver and New York. Coursework consists of live lessons, independent study, paired work sessions, and group discussions.
Length of Courses 15-40 weeks
Time Commitment 40+ hours per week for full-time students; 20 hours per week for part-time students
Tuition Policy Students can choose to pay their tuition upfront, pay in 12 monthly installments, or pay with a loan. A $500 deposit is required for the Software Engineering bootcamp, whereas all other bootcamps require a $99 deposit.
Tuition Software Engineering: $17,900
Data Science: $16,900
Cybersecurity: $16,900
Product Design: $16,900
Job Placement Flatiron School’s career support services include 180 days of one-on-one coaching after graduation, career prep lessons, technical training, and networking opportunities.
Certificates Offered None

How Signing Up For a Bootcamp With Flatiron School Works

The first step to signing up for a bootcamp with Flatiron School is to fill out the online application, which will require you to provide some basic personal information and describe your reasons for wanting to join a bootcamp.

If your application moves forward, you’ll be contacted by Flatiron School to set up an admissions interview. These interviews are typically done via Zoom or over the phone, and you can expect to answer questions regarding your career goals, previous experience, and your learning preferences.

After completing the admissions interview, applicants will need to complete an admissions assessment. This assessment includes questions relating to math and logic, spatial reasoning, and verbal skills. The admissions assessment is meant to determine your ability to learn — it is not a technical assessment, so don’t worry if you don’t have any coding skills.

You should receive your final admissions decision within a few days of completing the admissions assessment. If you are accepted, you’ll need to complete the prep work related to your course before beginning the program.

Before starting your program, you’ll also be required to make a deposit. For the Software Engineering bootcamp, this deposit is $500, whereas the deposit is $99 for all other bootcamps.

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Flatiron School Tuition Overview

Flatiron School charges $17,900 with a $500 deposit for its Software Engineering bootcamp and $16,900 with a $99 for its other bootcamps.

Students can choose to pay their tuition in one of three ways: they can pay upfront, pay in 12 monthly installments, or apply for an education loan through Ascent or Climb. Students who choose to finance their tuition with a loan are still required to pay an initial deposit. Ascent and Climb also offer cost of living loans for students who need help paying for their living expenses while completing a bootcamp.

Flatiron School also offers a selection of scholarships designed to promote diversity and accessibility. These scholarships include the Access Scholarship for students from underrepresented communities and the Women Take Tech scholarship for women interested in pursuing a career in tech.

Bootcamp Courses Available

Software Engineering Bootcamp

$17,900 | Online or On-Site | Full Time or Part Time | 20-40 hours per week | 15-40 weeks | January 30, 2023

Flatiron School’s Software Engineering bootcamp offers full-time and part-time options, and students can choose to enroll in the program online or on-site in Denver or New York. The course is designed for individuals with no previous coding experience, and the comprehensive curriculum teaches students in-demand skills and technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python, and SQL. Students will complete coursework that consists of live lessons, group exercises, independent study, and projects. The course finishes with a capstone project that students will be required to present before they can graduate from the program.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? None. Students will complete prep work to learn the skills they need for the program.

Data Science Bootcamp

$16,900 | Online or On-Site | Full Time or Part Time | 20-40 hours per week | 15-40 weeks | February 20, 2023

The Data Science bootcamp at Flatiron School prepares students for careers in fields like data analysis, data science, data architecture, and data engineering. The program is suitable for complete beginners. Students will learn via a combination of live lessons, group work, paired exercises, and lab time with instructional staff. The curriculum covers foundational and advanced topics like machine learning, scientific computing, and quantitative methods. After completing the program, students will receive ongoing career support to help them launch their new careers.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? None. Students will complete prep work to learn the skills they need for the program.

Cybersecurity Engineering Bootcamp

$16,900 | Online | Full Time or Part Time | 20-40 hours per week | 15-40 weeks | February 20, 2023

Flatiron School’s Cybersecurity Engineering bootcamp is a fully online program that students can take on a full-time or part-time basis, making it a suitable choice for working adults who can’t commit to 40 hours per week. Students will learn foundational cybersecurity skills like intelligence analysis and network security components and will be tasked with using their newfound coding skills to perform penetration testing for vulnerabilities in applications and network security resources. Students will need to obtain any certifications, like CompTIA Sec+ certification, separately, as Flatiron School doesn’t offer any certificates.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? None. Students will complete prep work to learn the skills they need for the program.

Product Design Bootcamp

$16,900 | Online | Full Time or Part Time | 20-40 hours per week | 15-40 weeks | February 20, 2023

The Product Design bootcamp at Flatiron School provides students with the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design skills they need to become well-rounded product designers, web designers, UI designers, and UX designers in as little as 15 weeks. The thoughtfully designed curriculum covers a wide range of important topics, including ethical design, visual composition, information architecture, product strategy, and information design. Students will work on several projects to hone their skills, and after graduating, they’ll receive ongoing career support to make it easier to find their first job.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? None. Students will complete prep work to learn the skills they need for the program.

A Typical Week at Flatiron School

Your experience at Flatiron School will depend on whether you choose to enroll in an online or on-site bootcamp and whether you choose the full-time or part-time option.

Full-time students should expect to spend 40 or more hours per week attending live lectures, participating in group exercises, completing paired programming exercises, and attending labs with instructional staff. Full-time students will learn alongside their cohorts and have plenty of opportunities to interact directly with instructors and peers.

Part-time students have the opportunity to learn asynchronously and at their own pace at the expense of not being able to interact with their peers and instructors during live lessons. Instead, part-time students learn via prerecorded lectures and occasional optional live lectures. Students can also ask questions and talk to fellow students through Slack.

Students who choose to enroll in an on-site program will be expected to show up to campus every day to successfully complete the program. Throughout the day, students will attend lectures and complete coursework with intermittent breaks.

Classes are held Monday through Friday, and students are not expected to complete coursework on the weekends.

Additional Features

Industry Partnerships

Bootcamp providers need to offer exceptional career support services and networking opportunities to ensure graduates can successfully launch their new careers.

To make it easier for students to find job opportunities, Flatiron School’s Employer Partnerships team is constantly working to create new industry partnerships and grow its employer network. To date, more than 5,000 Flatiron School graduates have been hired, largely due to this extensive employer network.

Portfolio projects

When applying for tech jobs without a formal degree, it’s important to be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skills with practical portfolio projects.

Throughout each program at Flatiron School, students will apply their learning by completing real-world projects that they can present to potential employers in order to boost their odds of being hired.

Jobs reports

Some individuals may be concerned that completing a bootcamp won’t be enough to help them find a job and launch a new career.

To alleviate these concerns and provide transparency regarding its student outcomes, Flatiron School publishes annual jobs reports. These reports are examined by an independent third party to verify their accuracy, making it easier for potential applicants to decide whether or not enrolling in a Flatiron School bootcamp is right for them.

What We Like About Flatiron School

Flatiron School is one of the leading career training platforms owing to its well-rounded programs, flexible enrollment options, and exceptional career support services.

Comprehensive curriculum

Bootcamps need to have well-rounded curricula to ensure students can learn the key skills they need to become hireable in the least amount of time possible.

Flatiron School’s bootcamps utilize lesson plans designed in collaboration with industry professionals. These lesson plans are consistently reviewed and adjusted as necessary to ensure students are learning the most in-demand and relevant job skills.

Flexible enrollment options

Full-time bootcamps help students start their new careers as quickly as possible, but not everyone has the availability to commit to a 40-hour-per-week bootcamp.

Flatiron School accommodates busy adults by offering part-time online enrollment options, allowing students to complete coursework on their schedules from anywhere in the country. These flexible enrollment options make Flatiron School a more accessible option for individuals who need to balance coursework with other obligations.

Individualized career coaching

Every Flatiron School graduate is paired with a career coach who provides individualized career coaching services for 180 days after graduation.

Career coaches help students prepare for interviews, build their resumes, establish their online brands, and put together professional portfolios. These career coaching services contribute to Flatiron School’s exceptional student success rates and make it one of the top bootcamp providers for students who want to launch a new career in tech.

Transparent admissions process

Not all bootcamp providers are upfront about what their admissions processes look like, making it difficult for potential applicants to determine whether or not they want to go through with the application process.

Flatiron School clearly states what its admissions process involves, and students are contacted within a few days of completing each step in this process to learn more about what steps they need to take next.

What We Don’t Like About Flatiron School

Although Flatiron School is an overall great choice for students interested in enrolling in a tech bootcamp, there are a few things that may make some students reconsider.

No job guarantee

Though Flatiron School does offer dedicated career support services, it does not offer a job guarantee. This is a major drawback as students who are unable to find a job within six months of graduating will no longer have access to career support services and will not be able to get a tuition refund.

Meanwhile, many other leading bootcamp providers, like CareerFoundry, Thinkful, and Springboard, offer job guarantees and tuition refunds for students who aren’t able to find a job within a specified time frame.

No tuition deferment

Compared to some other bootcamp providers, Flatiron School’s tuition payment options are a little lacking.

More specifically, Flatiron lacks a deferred tuition option, leaving students to choose between upfront payments, monthly payments, or financing. Students who are not able to afford the tuition upfront and don’t want to take out a loan might consider choosing a bootcamp provider that allows students to defer their tuition payments until they find a job.

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