With over 615 million speakers, Hindi is the third most-spoken language in the world. Pursuing the Hindi language for your studies, travel or for work is an honorable endeavor as it’s guaranteed to open communication possibilities between yourself and others. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Learning Hindi can be difficult for non-native speakers since it uses a different grammatical pattern and certain sounds can be hard for the ear to initially recognize and differentiate. That’s why we must train our ears before we expect any degree of proficiency, and why an online tutoring service can be so helpful.

Whether you’re looking to learn with the assistance of a program that uses audio-based lessons, in-person tutoring or a course that has successfully navigated this same experience for hundreds of users before you—this list has just what you need to progress in your Hindi language-learning endeavor.

How to Pick an Online Hindi Tutoring Service

These tutoring services are available in a variety of formats. Finding the right one for you can be determined by two important factors: 1) how you learn best and 2) how much time you have to dedicate to your Hindi studies.

For those looking to learn independently, consider a course that offers a self-study option so you can learn at your convenience. Many Hindi self-study courses are audio-based, making them a great option for learning while commuting or doing routine tasks.

Those desiring one-on-one attention should consider a private tutoring service. These services allow you to browse a list of tutors, their credentials and their availability. Simply select the tutor you’d like to study with, and the service will connect you at your scheduled time. This is the best option for anyone who enjoys the commitment of weekly studies or needs individualized attention to meet specific learning goals.

For anyone looking for the structure of a set curriculum and the attention of an instructor, consider taking an online course. Our list has two options—one for the casual language-learner, and another for those looking for an accredited university-backed option.

Learning a new language for travel

Learning Hindi for your trip abroad can greatly improve any experience while traveling. Communicating with the locals is sure to take your trip to the next level whether you’re trying to navigate transportation or order a meal at a restaurant. Try a course with Pimsleur or The Michel Thomas Method for their memory-retention techniques that will boost your vocabulary and conversational skills in no time.

Learning Hindi for work

Learning Hindi for work can be a great conversational booster for those working in international companies and seeking better communication. Consider taking a course with Udemy for their on-demand videos and helpful practice tests and be sure to download your certificate of completion so that you can add it to your resume or share it on LinkedIn.

Help with studying Hindi for school

For those learning Hindi in a high school or college class, check out the private tutors from Italki. Private one-on-one tutoring is a great way to meet specific learning goals, and the individualized attention from a tutor is sure to take your Hindi to the next level with grammar and pronunciation correction delivered on the spot and tailored specifically to you.

How We Picked the Best Online Hindi Tutoring Services

Starting with a list of dozens of providers, we selected our picks for notable features like affordability, the quality of their content and the availability of a free trial. Many of these providers offer additional unique features that help them stand out among other providers—like exercises in memory retention or one-on-one tutoring with highly rated tutors. While they don’t all offer a free trial, most offer a discounted incentive so you can begin your language-learning endeavor worry-free.

User recommendations and reviews can make a big difference; so, we reviewed each service’s testimonials and then compared them against reviews from independent forums like Reddit. This way, you know what you’re getting into before you make any kind of commitment.

All of these providers offer a different learning experience so that you’re sure to find something that suits your needs from our list below.


The 10 Best Online Hindi Tutors

This list was created to help you find the best education partner for your Hindi studies. Whether that’s a self-study service, private tutoring, an online course or a combination of a few of these things, this list contains all of the services you need to know about before embarking on your language-learning journey.



  • Glossika
  • Glossika_2

Glossika’s mobile app is available on the Apple App Store.

With this option, you can reach the C1 (advanced) level of Hindi proficiency on the CEFR scale.

Rather than “learning” a language in the traditional sense, Glossika focuses on “training” a language. This method consists of a customized lesson plan based on your language level in addition to training four key skills integrated with spaced repetition. They also offer audio exercises with Native speakers to help you begin speaking the language immediately or to learn on-the-go.

Glossika might be a good option for you if you are looking to learn at your own pace and are comfortable with independent learning. Independent study is their claim to fame, but it doesn’t have built-in accountability factors like other providers such as scheduling a lesson and setting aside a specific time to learn. In a forum from 2020, Reddit user BlueDolphinFairy says that Glossika worked well for them while doing chores or taking a walk. This made the repetition less boring and turned it into something they looked forward to every day.

Price Monthly unlimited: $30 per month

Annual unlimited: $24.00 per month

Free Trial 7-day free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Typing, dictation, language listening and recording practice
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner to advanced

Find out more about Glossika.



  • HindiPod101
  • HindiPod101_2

You can create an account on this platform by simply entering your Facebook login credentials.

There are hundreds of free HindiPod101 videos available on YouTube.

Similar to Glossika, HindiPod101 is another service that provides on-the-go learning using audio and video lessons. With an emphasis on “slowing down” the Hindi language, their lessons are structured to help you understand every word through line-by-line breakdowns. While this is helpful on its own, they also include a private tutor with every Premium Plus membership—so that you can get one-on-one attention alongside your Hindi vocabulary work.

Many users claim that HindiPod101 is a great resource because they also operate a free YouTube channel that will teach you the basics for free. For those that aren’t quite ready to commit to a paid service, this is a great way to dip your toes in without making a financial commitment.

Price $8 to $96: Basic, 1 to 24-month subscription

$25 to $240: Premium, 1 to 24-month subscription

$47 to $549: Premium Plus, 1 to 24-month subscription

Free Trial 7-day free trial
Device  Any device capable of playing MP3 files
Format  Audio and video lessons
Certificate of Completion  Yes
Knowledge Level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about HindiPod101.



  • Italki
  • Italki_2

You can choose from over 150 Hindi tutors on Italki.

It’s easy to create an account on this platform.

For those looking for private, one-on-one tutoring, Italki is a good place to start. Their simple interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate and includes information about each tutor’s nationality and the languages they speak. You can access their pop-up scheduling tool to get an idea of each tutor’s availability so that you can quickly get an idea of which tutor’s availability aligns with your own. In a forum from late 2021 asking if Italki was worth it, Reddit user AuxiliaryTimeCop said: “I have had great teachers, and I have had ‘just OK’ teachers. Since they run their own lessons and set their own prices, the value will vary a lot.”

While finding a quality tutor might take some time regardless of the provider, Italki does make it easy for first-time users by offering a discounted 30-minute trial. Be sure to read each tutor’s reviews and get a better idea of their teaching experience by reading their bio.

Price $5 to $23 per hour
Free Trial Discounted 30-minute trial
Device  Any device
Format  Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WeChat
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Italki.


Mango Languages

  • Mango Languages
  • Mango Languages_2

In addition to Hindi, Mango Languages also offers tutoring for Levantine Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and many other languages.

Mango Languages is available in the Arkansas, Maryland, and North Dakota state library systems.

Mango Languages has similar offerings to Glossika and HindiPod101, but they offer a particularly appealing user interface that makes learning easy. Their audio and video lessons are rooted in conversation-based methodology, and they have relevant course materials containing critical thinking and memory-building exercises. With a focus on learning a new language to bridge our world-wide community, Mango Languages has a great central message that appeals to many. Reddit user shorttooth claims that Mango Languages is better than other language-learning apps for its larger language selection making it a great option for those looking to brush up their proficiency in languages that are more difficult to find on mainstream apps—like Hindi.

Before enrolling with Mango Languages, check your local library to see if they have a subscription. Many libraries in the United States do; so, it is possible that these services will be free to you with your library membership.

Price Single language: $7.99 per month

All languages: $17.99 per month

Free Trial 14-day free trial
Device  Any device
Format  Reading and listening, relevant learning materials
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner to advanced

Learn more about Mango Languages.



  • Pimsleur

You can get $20 for each friend you refer to Pimsleur.

Known for their method centering on memory-retention, Pimsleur is another great option for those looking to learn Hindi independently. The Pimsleur Method was created by Dr. Pimsleur, who studied memory and documented the optimal spacing of information in order to move information from short to long-term memory. In turn, Pimsleur uses his methodology to teach language in a manner that focuses on the permanent retention of information.

Reddit user genghisgreene wrote of their Hindi-learning experience that “Pimsleur is…perfect for drilling into your mind ‘survival Hindi’…” Since their review, Pimsleur has developed their Level 2 software, but this is still something to keep in mind for beginners. Further study with a different provider might be needed if you’re looking to become fluent in the language, but Pimsleur’s long history of memory-retention isn’t something to be missed.

Price Lifetime Purchase Options:$150: Hindi Level 1, 30 lessons

$150: Hindi Level 2, 30 lessons

$300: Hindi Level 1-2, 60 lessons

Free Trial Free session, plus a special offer
Device  Any device
Format  Audio lessons and reading instruction, includes integrated reading booklet
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner, intermediate

Learn more about Pimsleur.


Rocket Hindi

  • Rocket Hindi
  • Rocket Hindi_2

This platform also offers a helpful guide on the top 10 hacks for quickly learning Hindi.

The Rocket Hindi mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

One of the major challenges in learning Hindi is that many of the sounds are difficult to pronounce and comprehend for those unfamiliar with the language. Rocket Hindi knows this and has made it the focus of their platform. Similar to Glossika and HindiPod101, they offer auditory lessons featuring recordings of Native speakers that will help any non-Native speaker get their grasp on the Hindi language. They also offer flashcards and writing exams that will help you test your knowledge and memory retention.

Recent independent reviews could not be found, but Rocket Hindi offers a generous trial offer of 10 free Hindi lessons that can be accessed for an unlimited amount of time. For anyone just starting out, this is certainly an offer to take them up on.

Price Monthly: $19 per month for six months

Full package: $99.95 one-time payment

Free Trial 10 free Hindi lessons
Device  Any device
Format  Interactive audio lessons, writing lessons
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner, intermediate

Learn more about Rocket Hindi.



  • Udemy

Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

For those looking for the structure of an online course and an established curriculum, Udemy offers a compelling option with their 3-week language course in Hindi. Instructor Shachi Chotia teaches 5.5 hours of on-demand video and offers 21 downloadable resources ensuring that anyone taking the course can understand Hindi completely in three weeks. Chotia’s target audience of beginners and advanced beginners means that you can start this course with or without any prior knowledge of Hindi.

Shachi Chotia’s course has over 850 positive reviews on the Udemy website, and Udemy as a whole has been reviewed by many Reddit users who claim a positive experience with the company. In a forum from 2021, user firewallguy2008 summed it up nicely by saying that their updated content “beats…some other subscription based competitors with years-outdated content for high pricing that doesn’t line up with the quality of the content.”

Udemy also offers a certificate of completion which is a rare accommodation compared to other services. This makes it a great option if you’re looking to learn Hindi for work or school.

Price $34.99 per course
Free Trial No free trial, but they offer a 30-day money back guarantee
Device  Any device
Format  On-demand video, practice tests
Certificate of Completion  Yes
Knowledge Level  Beginner

Learn more about Udemy.


University of Pennsylvania

  • University of Pennsylvania

As a member of the Ivy League, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

By far the most expensive option on this list, the University of Pennsylvania offers a non-credit course to anyone wanting a comprehensive course teaching the Hindi language. This is a great option for those that are ready to make a significant commitment to their Hindi studies and haven’t found success with other programs.

While it is necessary to have some knowledge of Hindi before beginning this course, instructors Dr. Vijay Gambhir and Dr. Surendra Gambir teach advanced beginners and intermediate students alike using a variety of texts including the BBC News and the Bhagavad Gita.

Although this might not be the option for the casual Hindi learner, it is an option to consider for anyone looking to make significant progress and an investment in their Hindi studies. Enrollment can happen at the beginning of the Fall or Spring term.

Price $150 technology fee for non-credit

$4,830 per course

Free Trial No
Device  Computer
Format  Web-based instruction
Certificate of Completion  Yes
Knowledge Level  Advanced beginner, intermediate

Learn more about the University of Pennsylvania.


Live Lingua

  • Live Lingua
  • Live Lingua_15

We found that the dictaphone feature is quite helpful.

You can email Live Lingua’s support team if you run into any issues.

Although not as interactive as other services, Live Lingua offers a free eBook to help you along your Hindi studies. The eBook is viewable directly through their website and is complete with written Hindi and pronunciation guides as well as a built-in dictaphone that will record your pronunciation and play it back to you.

Although Live Lingua offers more robust programs for other languages, this is their first foray into Hindi. The options are limited, but this might work well if you’re looking for a traditional learning experience. The book could be a great additional resource to practice your pronunciation and learn more about the surrounding culture, but you will likely need another provider’s services for guidance.

Price Free
Free Trial Courses are free 
Device  Any device
Format  eBook
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner

Learn more about Live Lingua.


The Michel Thomas Method

  • The Michel Thomas Method
  • The Michel Thomas Method_2

This platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The “Start Hindi” course covers the 20 most important words in the Hindi language.

The Michel Thomas Method, similar to Pimsleur, focuses primarily on memory-retention. Rather than memorizing vocabulary, the teachers focus their courses on breaking down each word into parts. This helps create a better understanding of the language as a whole and leads to better retention. In a Reddit forum from 2020, user RyanSmallwood said, “…it’s a speaking program that focuses on learning grammar without the grammar technology that scares people away from grammar.” By learning the grammatical framework for each language, students are able to construct sentences on their own without spending too much time learning vocabulary.

To begin, potential students can purchase their “Start Hindi” course directly from their website. This is a relatively inexpensive option that gives the student a taste of the method without sacrificing any of the method’s complexity. Students can also sign up for a free lesson or a free booklet via the website.

Price $11.99: Start Hindi (1-hour digital taster course)

$100: Foundation Hindi (8-hour digital course)

Free Trial Free lesson
Device  Computer
Format  Downloadable learning course
Certificate of Completion  No
Knowledge Level  Beginner

Learn more about The Michel Thomas Method.


Other Hindi Tutoring Services to Consider

Loecson is a basic website that provides free Hindi lessons in the form of digital translation. From their drop-down menu, you can select from a variety of different language categories (essentials, conversation, transportation, etc.) to learn different Hindi phrases. This service includes a pronunciation feature as well.

What to Expect When Using Online Hindi Tutoring Services

Many of the best online Hindi tutoring services are self-paced learning programs that specialize in teaching grammar, vocabulary and the mechanics of the language without an instructor present. Many are audio-based, making this a great option for anyone who needs to learn Hindi while commuting or even doing routine chores.

Other services, like Italki, offer private one-on-one tutoring that takes place at a scheduled time with a specific tutor. Private tutoring might be the best option for anyone looking to dedicate a set amount of time to learning Hindi, and it can be especially beneficial for those looking to meet certain learning goals in a fixed period of time.

Lastly, online courses like Udemy offer students the option to learn Hindi under the guidance of a structured curriculum. For a student who desires in-depth instruction but still prefers to learn independently, these courses are a great option for beginners and intermediate students alike.

What you need to learn Hindi when using an online tutor

Most services require a web-friendly device and a high-speed internet connection. Some, like Mango Languages, have their own app while others can operate entirely from your web browser. Private tutoring options will require simple video conferencing software like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Free vs. Paid Online Hindi Tutors: What’s the Difference?

While free online tutoring services are a great option, most are not as in-depth and comprehensive as paid options. Many users report hitting a wall while learning with free apps or needing to use a paid service to deepen their knowledge and increase their studies. Making an investment of any size can boost memory-retention and maximize your learning potential while studying Hindi.

Interested in a degree instead?

Learn more about online degrees, their start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.