Featuring comprehensive curriculums, substantial career support services, and outstanding student outcomes, Codesmith offers a popular selection of immersive tech bootcamps. Students can enroll in a Software Engineering Immersive on a part-time or full-time basis or the newly launched full-time Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive to jumpstart their tech careers. Each curriculum features live virtual or in-person instruction, interactive group and individual work, and hands-on projects that closely replicate a rigorous work environment.

While Codesmith certainly has its fair share of good attributes, it is essential to recognize that its programs are more expensive than similar bootcamps. Therefore, interested students should carefully research their intended job market and salary expectations before applying. In addition, students should consider applying for a Codesmith scholarship to offset some or all of the program costs.

Codesmith Overview


Website https://www.codesmith.io/
Courses Offered Software Engineering Immersive (Part-Time)
Software Engineering Immersive (Full Time)
Data Science & Machine Learning Immersive (Full Time)
Course Delivery Method Fully remote with live virtual lectures and interactive lessons, or on-site in New York City
Length of Courses 13-38 weeks
Time Commitment 70-75 hours per week
Tuition Policy Scholarships, payment plans, and personal loans are available for students who qualify
Tuition $20,925
Job Placement No guaranteed job placement, but Codesmith provides individualized career coaching, resume support, soft skills development, interview prep, and more
Certificates Offered Certificate of Completion from Codesmith

How Signing Up For a Bootcamp With Codesmith Works

Upcoming Cohorts


The Codesmith application process is more rigorous than other bootcamps. To begin, select a cohort start date from the program’s homepage. Software Engineering students must choose either a part- or a full-time cohort, whereas Data Science and Machine Learning students can only select a full-time cohort. Software Engineering students who plan to attend on-site in New York City should apply to an on-site cohort.

Application page


After selecting a cohort date, prospective students can begin their application. The first page asks for basic identifying information like the student’s full name and email address. Next, students must select their intended program and campus/time zone from a drop-down menu. While choosing a cohort date is necessary to begin the application, it can be changed later. Lastly, if the student has been given a Fast Track code by Codesmith staff, they can enter it in the final field.

Application Personal Info


The second page of the application asks for detailed information about the student, such as their gender identity, race, country of residence, and phone number. Students can submit their LinkedIn URL, but this is optional.

Save Application screen

On the third page of the application, students must submit their responses to two essay questions. While these responses are evaluated for clarity of thought and overall content, they also help the admissions team understand the student’s motives and goals for wanting to attend a Codesmith program.

Coding Challenge

On the fourth and final page of the application, Software Engineering students will complete a coding challenge, whereas Data Science and Machine learning students will complete a mathematics challenge. This part of the application is optional and can be completed later. The choice to defer this step will not be counted against the student’s admission decision.

Next Steps

After submitting their application, students will be contacted by an admissions team member to schedule a nontechnical interview. During this interview, students can expect to be asked further questions about their interest in Codesmith and their goals for attending the program. In addition, students will work with the admissions counselor to develop a preparation plan for the next step — the technical interview.

Once students have passed their nontechnical interview, they can schedule the technical interview. During the technical interview, applicants will work through JavaScript coding challenges with a Codesmith engineer. Students will be notified of their admissions decision within one week.

Those who pass the technical interview will be granted admission and must make any necessary deposits.

While it is crucial to prepare for this part of the process adequately, many students do not pass their first technical interview. As a result, it’s common for applicants to attend several technical interviews before they pass. Those who fail will be given specific feedback for improvement and an estimated timeline for the following interview.

Codesmith Tuition Overview

Tuition for all Codesmith bootcamps is $20,925, regardless of part- or full-time enrollment. In addition, various financing plans are available to make Codesmith programs accessible, including interest-free payment plans, personal loans, and scholarships.

Students who opt to pay their tuition upfront and in full will pay a $3,000 deposit to secure their spot, with the remaining $17,925 due before the first day of the program.

Those who prefer a payment plan will make the $3,000 deposit and an additional payment before the first day of class. Then, students will make monthly payments (the exact amount depends on the length of the chosen program). These payment plans may be attractive for students who are looking to avoid paying interest but who need the flexibility of monthly payments.

Payment plan based on enrollment Enrollment deposit Due before the first day of class Remainder in monthly installments
Upfront for all programs $3,000 $17,925 N/A
Full-Time Immersive $3,000 $3,000 Three monthly payments of $4,975
Part-Time Immersive $3,000 $2,725 Eight monthly payments of $1,900

In addition, Codesmith accepts personal education loans through its financial partner, Ascent. Repayment options include a plan where no payments are necessary while the student is enrolled in the program and for the three months after graduation or a plan where the student makes payments on their interest while enrolled in the program and for the three months following graduation. This type of funding can benefit students who cannot make the larger payments required by Codesmith’s interest-free payment plans or students who prefer smaller payments over a more extended period.

Lastly, some students may qualify for a Codesmith scholarship. Scholarships can cover the full or partial amount of the student’s tuition and are given to outstanding applicants who demonstrate their potential for success. Students can apply for a scholarship after program acceptance.

Bootcamp Courses Available

Software Engineering Immersive (Part Time)

$20,925 | Online | Part Time | 20-25 hours a week | 38 weeks | March 18, 2023

Codesmith’s part-time Software Engineering Immersive runs for 38 weeks and covers front-end development, back-end development, machine learning, and innovative software tools. When students graduate, they earn a certificate of completion from Codesmith.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? Significant technical and analytical problem-solving skills

Software Engineering Immersive (Full Time)

$20,925 | Online or In Person | Full Time | 70-75 hours a week | 13 weeks | March 27, 2023

Codesmith’s full-time Software Engineering Immersive runs for 13 weeks and covers front-end development, back-end development, machine learning, and innovative software tools. When students graduate, they earn a certificate of completion from Codesmith.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? Significant technical and analytical problem-solving skills

Data Science and Machine Learning (Full Time)

$20,925 | Online | Full Time | 70-75 hours a week | 13 weeks | April 10, 2023

Codesmith’s full-time Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive runs for 13 weeks and covers the entire process of building a machine learning product — from data sourcing to model deployment. When students graduate, they earn a certificate of completion from Codesmith.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? Fluent in advanced mathematics and fundamental Python

A Typical Week at Codesmith

A typical week at Codesmith depends on whether the student is enrolled in a part- or full-time Software Engineering Immersive program or the full-time Data Science and Machine Learning bootcamp.

Students enrolled in the full-time Software Engineering Immersive can expect to spend 12 hours each day, Monday through Friday, attending live virtual lectures, participating in pair programming exercises, and completing hands-on projects. On Saturdays, students attend for eight hours and complete similar activities. While this program is rigorous and demanding, it ensures that students can complete it in just 13 weeks, making it an excellent fit for students looking to jumpstart their tech career.

Those enrolled in the Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive will have a similar schedule, with 12-hour days on Monday through Friday and eight hours of coursework on Saturdays. While this program is geared toward those who are mathematically inclined, students can still expect to complete their fair share of group work and hands-on projects.

The part-time Software Engineering Immersive features a more flexible schedule, albeit for a more extended period. Over 38 weeks, students participate in the same curriculum as the full-time cohort but on a schedule that makes it possible to balance earning an education with other responsibilities. Schedules will differ based on the student’s time zone and the individual cohort, but students can expect to attend lecture and pair programming sessions on weekends or weekday evenings for two to four hours at a time.

Additional Features


Codesmith offers a robust selection of scholarships to help students finance their education. Both full- and part-time scholarships are available for students who demonstrate outstanding academic merit or those who belong to one or more underrepresented groups in tech. Categories include the Black Engineers Scholarship, the Oddball Veterans Scholarship, an International Scholarship, and a Community Scholarship. The Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship, sponsored by Lesbians Who Tech, is also available for LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary individuals.

Prep programs

For students who want to try their hand at coding but aren’t quite ready for an immersive program, Codesmith offers various prep programs designed to give students an idea of what a career in coding might entail. Options include JavaScript for Beginners and CS Prep. Each curriculum promises to give students the experience they need to take the next step in their career — whether they enroll in a Codesmith immersive program or decide to take a different route.

What We Like About Codesmith

Comprehensive curriculum

Whether they are enrolled in a Software Engineering Immersive, a prep course, or the Data Science and Machine Learning Immersive, students can count on Codesmith’s comprehensive curriculum for an innovative, state-of-the-art education. Each curriculum is packed with the information students must master to achieve their career goals, paired with hands-on projects that simulate a realistic work experience to ensure student success.

Trustworthy and transparent outcomes

Codesmith makes its student outcomes readily available right on its website. This report provides useful statistics like the average employment rate and median base starting salary for Codesmith graduates. Because student outcomes are an essential data point when evaluating any bootcamp, it is beneficial when a provider makes them accessible and transparent right from the beginning. Prospective students can also view the companies where Codesmith graduates have been hired and download the full outcomes report directly from the website.

What We Don’t Like About Codesmith

Relatively expensive

While Codesmith offers a comprehensive curriculum with all of the necessary features for student success, its bootcamps are relatively expensive compared with similar programs. Therefore, before enrolling, prospective students should conduct thorough research on the job market, hiring rates, and salary expectations to ensure that they are making wise financial decisions.

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