Galvanize offers two full-time coding bootcamps: one for beginner coders and the other for intermediate coders. Each course features an immersive curriculum with live virtual lectures, pair programming exercises, and hands-on projects. Students learn from experienced instructors with years of industry experience and build their coding knowledge through comprehensive, well-structured learning modules.

In addition, Galvanize provides its students with various payment options to make earning a coding education accessible — this includes opportunities to pay half or full tuition upfront or to enroll in an Income Share Agreement (ISA). Although Galvanize does not offer a job placement guarantee, they provide students with comprehensive career support services, such as career coaching, portfolio development, and interview prep.

Galvanize Overview Table

Courses Offered Beginner Coding Bootcamp
Intermediate Coding Bootcamp
Course Delivery Method Fully remote – Live virtual lectures + hands-on projects
Length of Courses 12-19 weeks
Time Commitment 40-100 hours per week
Tuition Policy Pay in full, pay half upfront, or enroll in an ISA
Tuition $17,980
Job Placement No guaranteed job placement, but Galvanize offers career coaching, resume building, interview prep, GitHub project portfolio development, and networking opportunities
Certificates Offered Galvanize Certificate of Completion

How Signing Up For a Bootcamp With Galvanize Works

Galvanize Sign Up page


To begin the application process for either coding bootcamp, go to the homepage of your program of choice and click “Apply Now.”

Admission Portal


To enroll, applicants must first create a free account with Galvanize. Necessary information includes the applicant’s full name, phone number, and email address.

Admission Dashboard


After creating a free account, applicants will be taken to their Admissions Portal Dashboard. Here, students must select whether they are applying for the Beginner Full-Time Coding Bootcamp or the Intermediate Full-Time Coding Bootcamp. This webpage breaks down the time commitment, admissions requirements, and an outline of what students will learn in either bootcamp.

Admission progress page


While application requirements differ between bootcamps, all students will first be asked to complete a non-technical assessment. This exam tests the applicant’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills and includes multiple-choice mathematics, logical reasoning, and language questions.

To move forward in the application process, all applicants must meet the minimum requirements to pass. The test is timed and takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Students have one opportunity to pass.

After completing the timed test, students must take and pass a one-minute typing test. Applicants will be asked to type a short passage generated by the testing company to test their typing speed and accuracy.

Admission complete your application


After passing both exams, prospective students will be returned to the Admissions Portal Dashboard to complete the second part of the application.

Complete Your Application -Personal Info


The rest of the application is straightforward. Students will be asked to provide information on their city and state of residence, preferred time zone, date of birth, preferred cohort start date, and whether they would like to complete the course remotely or in person. As of this writing, coding bootcamps are only offered remotely.

In addition, students must prepare a short response detailing their goals and aspirations for attending a coding bootcamp with Galvanize.

Complete Your Application - Personal Info 2


The following page asks for more identifying information related to race, ethnicity, and gender. In addition, applicants must submit veteran and US citizenship status. Finally, students have the option to include their LinkedIn URL, as well as their intended method of payment, on this page. While this information is necessary to route prospective students through the admissions process, these answers do not affect any decisions made by the admissions committee.

Book the Admission Assessment


After completing the application, all students will be directed to an online scheduling tool to schedule a non-technical admissions interview. Once students select the correct time zone, they can choose a convenient date and time to book an interview.

Interviews are 20 minutes long and are designed to assess the student’s behavioral and motivational attributes. After passing the interview, beginner students can enroll in their bootcamp immediately. Intermediate students will be invited to take a Coding Challenge and a Technical Assessment. Passing both exams is necessary for admission into the Intermediate Coding Bootcamp. Depending on the student’s payment plan, a tuition deposit may be required during enrollment.

Galvanize Tuition Overview

Galvanize offers various payment plans to make its coding bootcamps as accessible as possible. For example, students can pay their tuition upfront and in full or pay half upfront and the remainder in monthly, interest-free installments while enrolled in the program. These payment plans work best for students planning to spend their savings on a coding bootcamp, but other students may need the flexibility of other payment plans to enroll in the program.

For students in the latter category, Galvanize offers Income-Contingent Financing plans. Eligible students can enroll in an Income Share Agreement (ISA) or a Retail Installment Contract (RIC) and only pay an upfront tuition deposit of $100 to register and attend the program of their choice. Students only make additional payments once they receive a job offer that meets salary expectations or three months after their graduation date — whichever comes first. Residents of certain states are not eligible to participate in these programs, so students should carefully review the residency requirements before enrolling.

In addition, Galvanize also offers personal loans through its financial partners Ascent and Climb. Students repay their tuition in monthly installments throughout the program, but many of the payment options will require additional payments after graduation. In addition, interest rates may apply and make this payment plan considerably more expensive than other options.

Lastly, Galvanize accepts funding through the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC). This program allows veterans to attend a Galvanize coding bootcamp at no cost to the student.

Bootcamp Courses Available

Beginner Coding Bootcamp

$17,980 | Online | Full Time | 40-60 hours a week | 19 weeks | March 20, 2023

In partnership with Hack Reactor, Galvanize offers a full-time beginner coding bootcamp. The program runs for 19 weeks and covers various tools and programming languages, including JavaScript, ExpressJS, NodeJS, SQL and MongoDB, and more. When students graduate, they earn a certificate of completion from Galvanize.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? Basic computer skills

Intermediate Coding Bootcamp

$17,980 | Online | Full Time | 60-100 hours a week | 12 weeks | March 27, 2023

In partnership with Hack Reactor, Galvanize also offers a full-time intermediate coding bootcamp. The program runs for 12 weeks and covers various tools and programming languages, such as JavaScript, ExpressJS, NodeJS, SQL and MongoDB, and more. When students graduate, they earn a certificate of completion from Galvanize.

  • Placement Test Required? Yes
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? Students must pass a Coding Challenge and a Technical Assessment to be eligible for admission.

A Typical Week at Galvanize

A typical week at Galvanize depends on whether the student is enrolled in the Beginner Coding Bootcamp or the Intermediate Coding Bootcamp.

Students enrolled in the Beginner Coding Bootcamp can expect to spend 40 to 60 hours per week in class and learning independently. The course is divided into four modules, which helps students focus on similar coding concepts before moving on to the next module. A typical day includes discussion-based lectures and lab work, with ample time devoted to student questions, recaps, and journaling. In addition, students explore new concepts and topics each evening to prepare for the next day’s lessons. After each module, each student must complete a coding project to demonstrate mastery of their new skills.

The Intermediate Coding bootcamp features a more rigorous schedule and requires 60 to 100 hours per week. Before beginning the course, students must complete a 90- to 120-hour precourse curriculum to ensure they are well-prepared for the bootcamp. Once the course starts, students spend the first six weeks learning full stack JavaScript and computer science fundamentals. During this time, students work in two-day sprints on pair programming exercises to solve real industry problems. The following six weeks focus on building complete applications and creating a capstone project that illustrates the student’s learning and demonstrates their new skill set.

Additional Features

Diversity initiatives

Galvanize offers two different scholarships, the Galvanize scholarship and the We Stand Together scholarship, both aimed at encouraging diversity in tech. Students who belong to one or more underrepresented groups are eligible to apply for the Galvanize Scholarship. Students who identify as Black or African American are encouraged to apply for the We Stand Together Scholarship. Both scholarships cover the full tuition of the beginner or intermediate coding bootcamp.

Coding training for military members

Galvanize offers customizable coding bootcamps for active-duty or transitioning military members and veterans. Active-duty military members can upskill or reskill by creating a Galvanize bootcamp that works for their schedule, whereas transitioning military in their last six months of service can begin training for a new career in software engineering. In addition, veterans who enroll in the Beginner or Intermediate Coding Bootcamp are eligible for special financing.

What We Like About Galvanize

Beginner-friendly curriculum

Students who plan to enroll in the Intermediate Coding Bootcamp are eligible to participate in a free Galvanize prep course. Through hands-on exercises, students learn foundational JavaScript to prepare for their Technical Admissions Assessment. The course is self-paced and free for everyone, making it an excellent coding resource for anyone looking to learn a new skill — even if they don’t choose to enroll at Galvanize.

Career support services

Galvanize offers its students career support services on day one, with services continuing after graduation. This unique feature allows students to adequately prepare for optimal job placement through individualized career coaching, GitHub portfolio development, and mock interviews. After graduation, students are encouraged to take advantage of networking opportunities, salary negotiation help, and other tools necessary to launch their careers.

What We Don’t Like About Galvanize

No job guarantee

Unlike many other tech bootcamps, Galvanize does not offer a job guarantee or tuition reimbursement. If the student does not receive a job offer, students enrolled in an Income-Contingent Financing plan must still repay their tuition after the three-month grace period expires. Therefore, students enrolling at Galvanize should conduct careful research on the projected job market and review possible salary expectations.

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