Why This Matters


    The value of the media and entertainment industry has grown steadily both domestically and internationally over the last decade. By 2020, the global media and entertainment market will be worth $2.14 trillion.


    The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster-than-average growth rate for management positions, with 706,900 new jobs in this sector, including positions in marketing, promotions, and public relations.


    Among all occupational groups tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations have the highest median annual wage. Individuals with a master’s degree can expect to earn over $100,000 per year.

Our Research

We focused our research on graduate degrees in management for media, entertainment, and related fields. Our list includes degrees such as Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

A key eligibility criteria for this list is that programs are offered completely or mainly online. In circumstances where coursework is offered both online and on-campus, students may be able to complete their degree through a combination of distance learning and in-person classes.

All of the schools on our list have either regional or national accreditation. Some programs also have programmatic accreditation through organizations like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Once we found programs that met our criteria, we evaluated them based on their reputation, faculty, flexibility, outcomes, and cost. Based on these evaluations, we assigned each program an Intelligent Score on a scale of 0 to 100. For a more extensive explanation, check out Our Ranking Methodology.

  • 66 hours to write this article
  • 142 universities and colleges we assessed
  • 401 education programs we compared

The Top 9 Online Master’s in Entertainment Management Degree Programs

Best Online Master's in Entertainment Management Degree Programs
Intelligent Pick
University of Colorado Denver
Most Flexible
The New School
Best for Sports Industry
Southern Connecticut State University
Best Cohort-Based Program
Colorado State University
Best Music Industry Focus
Berklee College of Music
Best For-Profit University
Full Sail University
Best TV Industry Focus
Drexel University
Fastest Completion Time
University of Miami - Online
Best MBA Program

What You Should Know About This Degree

Entertainment management encompasses many different potential jobs, including production, marketing, business, and facilities management for music, film, TV, radio, digital media, and sporting events. Some master’s in entertainment management cover skills applicable to a range of entertainment industries, while others are industry specific, such as music or television management. When selecting a program, consider your professional goals so that you can select the program that best aligns with your interests.

Hands-on experience is a key aspect of education in entertainment management. Not only does this allow you to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world setting, but it is a valuable networking opportunity that can lead to jobs in the field. Even if a program is primarily delivered online, there may be an experiential learning component, such as an internship. Find out what kind of in-person attendance is required by a program before enrolling to ensure that you can accommodate this attendance in your schedule and budget.

Depending on what industry you are looking to enter, you may have to consider living in a particular geographic location for the best job opportunities. For example, Los Angeles and New York are the hubs for the TV and film industries in the U.S, while most professional sports teams are also located in or near major cities throughout the country.

What’s Next?

Here are some questions to ask when researching Online Master’s in Entertainment Management programs:

  • How are online classes delivered? Distance learning programs are typically delivered through synchronous or asynchronous classes. Students attend synchronous classes remotely at set times throughout the term. Asynchronous classes do not have set meeting times. Instead, students can access their lessons and assignments at any time. Decide which type of delivery method works best for you based on your schedule before selecting a program.
  • Am I eligible for this program? Some master’s in entertainment management programs seek applicants with an educational and/or professional background in business or a related field. Before applying to a program, be sure to review their eligibility requirements to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications for admission.

As you research programs, you should also begin collecting your application materials and noting application submission deadlines to ensure a smooth admissions process. Now is also the time to start thinking about how you will fund your graduate degree. Talk to financial aid counselors about applying for student loans, scholarships, and assistantships, if available. If you are currently employed, find out if your employer offers tuition assistance benefits.