Student Finances

It’s no secret going to college is pricey. From tuition and books to lodging and food, things can add up fairly quickly. These guides will help you along the way and answer questions that students may not get the answer to by going to class.

  • Whether you want to enjoy a weekend in Cancun or study abroad in Scotland, traveling the world is an exciting experience. As you prepare for your trip, it is easy to get distracted by packing, signing up for classes and finding a new apartment. For you to get the most out of this... Read More
  • You've achieved your goal and made it to the school of your dreams. Then, reality hits. The cost of college has risen dramatically over the past few decades, and the total cost of a public four-year school has now reached an average of nearly $26,000 a year. This price includes r... Read More
  • A college student may not need credit history immediately, but if you're planning for life after college (which you should be), you should start building credit as soon as possible. The difficulty here is that most college aged students have no credit history. So how do you build... Read More
  • It can be difficult to initiate that discussion with your loved ones about pursuing a college education. The fact that the tuition expenses are high is bound to come up. For students and their families, this is the one topic that tends to create the most anxiety. Going back to sc... Read More
  • Whenever we research a degree, whether it’s the Best Online Associate of Business Administration or the Best Master of Political Science, we look for three initial criteria: ✔ Nonprofit✔ Accredited✔ Flexibility Nonprofit At Intelligent we believe t... Read More
  • Student loans and the cost of college are two issues that have been getting increasing attention over the past decade with the total outstanding student loan debt now approaching $1.7 trillion. There is no shortage of stories about student loan borrowers who have had their liv... Read More
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has now claimed over 450 thousand lives in the United States and over 2 million globally. To make matters worse, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, making it difficult to pay for basic living expenses, much less rent, mortgage payments, and colle... Read More
  • From 2009 to 2019, U.S. student loan debt increased 107%, from $772 billion to $1.6 trillion.  During the same period, the average amount individual students borrowed increased by 26%, from $24,000 to over $30,000. One doesn’t have to look far for at least a partial explana... Read More