Student Finances

It’s no secret going to college is pricey. From tuition and books to lodging and food, things can add up fairly quickly. These guides will help you along the way and answer questions that students may not get the answer to by going to class.

  • No matter who you are, determining how to finance a college education is a complex decision involving many factors. For Hispanic and Latino students, specific considerations may include their citizenship and their parents' citizenship statuses, their parents' employment, and whet... Read More
  • Going to college in the U.S. is more expensive than ever. According to, the average annual cost of attending a four-year university is now $36,436. With that investment, you’ll want to ensure your degree will carry weight in the job market. Our list of the ... Read More
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  • The use of sports betting apps has become legal in many states over the past few years, and some universities have even partnered with these companies to promote their services to students. A 2023 study by the NCAA found that sports betting is becoming increasingly popular amo... Read More