Student Finances

It’s no secret going to college is pricey. From tuition and books to lodging and food, things can add up fairly quickly. These guides will help you along the way and answer questions that students may not get the answer to by going to class.

  • In fall 2021, undergraduate enrollment at colleges fell by 3.1%, or 465,300 students, according to a new report by National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Overall enrollment at higher education institutions has declined by 5.1%, or nearly 1 million students, since fall 20... Read More
  • During his 2020 presidential campaign, President Joe Biden made a variety of proposals related to alleviating the student loan debt crisis, including forgiving up to $10,000 per borrower and developing a plan to forgive student loan debt for low-income and middle-class Americans.... Read More
  • As millions of soon-to-be high school graduates contemplate whether higher education is the right next step for them, there's one question at the heart of it all - is college worth it? On one hand, the majority of jobs in the U.S. require post-secondary education beyond high s... Read More
  • The cost of college has risen rapidly over the past couple of decades. It’s no longer feasible for students to cover tuition costs by picking up part-time work or summer jobs. Today, students either need to rely on student loans or a college fund started by their parents. To... Read More
  • For a job that pays well and requires minimal time in school, consider an associate degree. Most associate degrees only take two years of study at a community college to complete, but during that short amount of time, you boost your earning potential dramatically. According to th... Read More
  • The amount of interest that accrues on your student loans plays a significant role in how much you end up paying overall. Therefore, it’s not surprising that borrowers are always looking for ways to lower their interest rates. One of the most common methods for lowering interes... Read More
  • Not understanding what student loan interest is, how it accrues, and how to pay it off can cost you thousands of dollars on top of the original money you borrowed. Don’t let understanding interest intimidate or confuse you. Taking the time to fully grasp what interest means is ... Read More
  • The cost of a college education is continuously on the rise. Many students need to take out loans to afford their higher education, but the loan process can be confusing to students who have never had to take a loan. Federal student loans are the most common loans utilized by stu... Read More
  • Approximately 42.9% of students attending a degree-granting postsecondary institution in the 2018-19 school year used student loans to help pay for their tuition and student-related costs. But the process for attaining a student loan is complex and is further complicated without ... Read More