Student Finances

It’s no secret going to college is pricey. From tuition and books to lodging and food, things can add up fairly quickly. These guides will help you along the way and answer questions that students may not get the answer to by going to class.

  • The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a test students going onto graduate school may be required to take, and it is designed to test reasoning and analytical thinking capabilities. At only 60 minutes long, it's a much shorter test than others like the GRE, which may make it an attra... Read More
  • As millions of soon-to-be high school graduates contemplate whether higher education is the right next step for them, there's one question at the heart of it all - is college worth it? On one hand, the majority of jobs in the U.S. require post-secondary education beyond high s... Read More
  • When it comes to enrolling in college, the process of selecting the right major and school often overshadows a consideration that may have an even greater effect on your post-graduation life — how you will pay for your education. Student loans are the most common answer to this... Read More
  • Although the benefits of college seem obvious and have been well-documented (higher average salary and reported happiness being the main factors), higher education has become unaffordable for so many people. Because of the student loan crisis, many are now questioning whether the... Read More
  • The amount of interest that accrues on your student loans plays a significant role in how much you end up paying overall. Therefore, it’s not surprising that borrowers are always looking for ways to lower their interest rates. One of the most common methods for lowering interes... Read More
  • Why do people pay for college? Yes, the new friendships and experiences are important, but ask anyone what their main motivation is and you know they’ll say something along the lines of “to be able to get a high-paying job when I graduate.” In fact, a recent study from Mone... Read More
  • Not understanding what student loan interest is, how it accrues, and how to pay it off can cost you thousands of dollars on top of the original money you borrowed. Don’t let understanding interest intimidate or confuse you. Taking the time to fully grasp what interest means is ... Read More
  • Despite its rather dramatic decline in recent months, interest in investing in cryptocurrency is still soaring. You can now use crypto to pay for a number of goods and services including cars, computers, and insurance, so why not use it to save for a college education? We want... Read More
  • Key findings: 1 in 10 still have student loan debt 20 years later. 49% of Americans support student loan forgiveness, 19% oppose it, and 32% are undecided. 1/2 of America supports cancelling student loan debt as a way to stimulate the economy. 1/3 of opponents say c... Read More