Career Prep

Most students expect to work after graduating, but you’re preparing for your career shouldn’t start when you graduate. Career planning and preparation is something all students should do throughout their college studies, especially within the last two years.

  • Product management has become an in-demand skill for many businesses and having a formal certification can boost your chances of getting the job you want. If you’re on a tight budget or schedule, there are plenty of online product management courses that allow study at your own... Read More
  • Online software development bootcamps provide you with a direct path to a lucrative career. But there are a lot of options out there when it comes to these programs, and these courses can be quite expensive, so you’ll want to avoid committing to one that doesn’t end up workin... Read More
  • Online finance courses allow you to grow your financial literacy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking to improve your finances, online finance courses can help. However, there are many choices when it comes to these programs.Finance courses can be expensive and tim... Read More
  • Computer science is a rapidly-growing, high-paying field, and computer science bootcamps prepare students to enter this field by teaching them the in-demand skills and technologies that employers are looking for. While there are countless reputable bootcamps available on the inte... Read More
  • Data science is a rapidly-growing field with countless high-paying opportunities, and data science bootcamps help prepare students for these positions by providing the resources and education needed to establish a career in data science. To help you narrow down your options and f... Read More
  • Online marketing courses teach you the skills, systems, and strategies needed to engage your audience in your message, your business, or your product on digital platforms. But there are many online training options available, and it can be difficult to sift through courses and fi... Read More
  • Online leadership and management courses teach you the high-level traits and micro-level tools and strategies of effective 21st-century leadership. Today’s companies and organizations desire and require leaders who know how to play to their team members’ strengths, inspire ot... Read More
  • Online web design courses help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to establish a lucrative career as a web designer or frontend developer. But there are countless of these courses available on the internet, each offering a different approach, covering different topics,... Read More
  • Web development bootcamps can quickly provide you with the coding skills and career services that you need to land a job in the industry. If you already work as a web developer, there are more advanced courses available that can improve your skill set even further, allowing you t... Read More