Career Prep

Most students expect to work after graduating, but you’re preparing for your career shouldn’t start when you graduate. Career planning and preparation is something all students should do throughout their college studies, especially within the last two years.

  • Passing the NCLEX has been the standard requirement for aspiring registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in the United States since 1994. Out of over 250,000 NCLEX-RN and more than 60,000 NCLEX-PN test-takers in 2020, the pass rates were 72.35% and 70.89%, respectively. ... Read More
  • Many people take the GED exam in hopes of opening doors to higher education and better jobs. Approximately 43% of people who pass the GED gain acceptance into postsecondary programs. To reap the benefits, you need to be able to pass the exam, and one of the best ways to do that i... Read More
  • Learning a new language can unlock a wealth of opportunities. It might be the key to a new job or a promotion at work. Or it could help overcome the last hurdle to advancing your education. But choosing the right online program can prove daunting due to the overwhelming number of... Read More
  • Whether you know little about the field or are a practicing psychologist, there are numerous reasons an online psychology course can be a great idea. For beginners, the chance to dive into an introductory course that is both entertaining and informational is a great way to start ... Read More
  • Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages since it can be used for web development, data analysis, and more. Like any programming language, it can be a challenge to learn without any additional guidance. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best f... Read More
  • Cloud computing bootcamps teach students the technologies and skills they need to enter a fast-growing, high-paying field. To ensure you are prepared for a job in this industry, it’s important to find a course that accommodates your needs and learning preferences without sacrif... Read More
  • Online options trading courses allow you to diversify your investing skills and increase earning potential. Options are different from stocks, which are ownership shares in a company. When you invest in options, you are purchasing the right to buy or sell shares of an underlying ... Read More
  • Online music production courses provide you the skills and know-how to utilize industry-standard music production software to create, edit, and distribute original songs. There are tons of options out there and it can be difficult to sift through the available courses and figure ... Read More
  • Advanced knowledge of chemistry can open up a variety of unique and rewarding career opportunities. However, as chemistry is known to be a difficult subject, online chemistry courses can be a great way for students and professionals to refine their knowledge in the subject and su... Read More