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Students who complete an online bachelor’s in Christian counseling will know how to provide specialized therapy and counseling to others through the spiritual lens of the Christian faith, with a particular emphasis on biblical teachings. Graduates may be qualified to get a job as a counselor specializing in substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and mental health, and they can expect an average salary of $48,000.

Most online bachelor’s in Christian counseling programs are designed to be completed in four years, and accelerated programs may be available to help students complete everything in as little as two years. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost of tuition for a degree such as this is $28,775.

How to Choose an Online Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling Program

Choose your area of study

While some online Christian counseling degrees are more generalized, many offer students the opportunity to choose a more specialized area of study. Common areas of study available to students include pre-clinical counseling, pre-professional counseling, Christian child and family counseling, and church and community care.

Keep in mind that these specializations are designed to help better prepare students for specialized vocations after they graduate. Because of this, it’s wise for students to strongly consider what kind of career they wish to pursue after graduation and to choose an area of study that will best teach them the skills they will eventually need to use in their chosen profession.

Research schools and programs

There is a vast array of online Christian counseling programs to choose from, so students need to develop different criteria that help them narrow things down to only the best prospective schools.

The most important early concern should be accreditation: avoid unaccredited schools because students in these institutions are not eligible for federal student aid, and the degrees offered by such schools will not help graduates get a good job. Additionally, students should carefully pay attention to the cost of each school, as choosing a more affordable online program can help students avoid having a massive amount of debt when they graduate. Finally, students who already have busy lives (which may include work and a career) should focus only on schools that offer flexible scheduling.

Prepare for tests and applications

In most cases, students will need to submit SAT or ACT scores to the school as part of their application. It’s important to study for and take one of these tests before seriously researching online schools, and students who are worried about the test score being too low should consider re-taking the test.

Aside from these test scores, schools may require students to submit additional documents, including a cover letter, application essays, and letters of recommendation. Students should always keep an eye on deadlines and give themselves enough time to gather all of the documents that they’ll need.

Select your program

Once a student has narrowed the list of online bachelor’s in Christian counseling programs, it’s crucial to further narrow everything down to the program(s) they will apply to.

One way of doing this is cost: in a choice between similar schools, choosing the more affordable option can save students plenty of money. Students may also contact school admissions departments and ask about the job placement rate, as attending somewhere with a high rate can improve future job prospects. Finally, students may wish to focus on schools that offer the most robust online support for remote learners.

Determine how you’ll pay for your degree

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year. By completing this form, students will automatically be offered federal student loans and may also qualify for Pell Grants. Additionally, a completed FAFSA is often a requirement for certain scholarships.

It’s almost always worth contacting the Financial Aid department of prospective schools — the counselors will have special insight into grants and scholarships that most don’t know about and the easiest way of applying for this financial aid. In some cases, students may simply choose to go to the school where they can get the most financial aid.

Best 50 Accredited Online Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling Programs

Best Bachelor's in Christian Counseling Programs Badge

Oral Roberts University

Liberty University

Crown College

Colorado Christian University

Nazarene Bible College

Toccoa Falls College

Southeastern University

Houston Christian University

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How we rank schools

This list features some of the best online Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling programs at top colleges across the country. Each school featured is a nonprofit, accredited institution — either public or private — with a high standard of academic quality for post-secondary institutions. Many of the schools on our list have been accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, which assesses the objectives, quality, and overall effectiveness of Christian colleges and universities.

We evaluated each school’s program on tuition costs, admission, retention and graduation rates, faculty, and reputation as well as the student resources provided for online students. Then, we calculated the Intelligent Score on a scale of 0 to 100. Read more about our ranking methodology.

Next, we compared this comprehensive list of online Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling programs to a list of aggregated college rankings from reputable publications, including U.S. News & World Report, to simplify a student’s college search. We pored through these rankings so students don’t have to.

What Can You Expect from an Online Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling Program?

Students taking an online bachelor’s in Christian counseling program can expect a wide array of courses that collectively focus on providing aid and counsel to others based on biblical teachings and select spiritual principles.

Students will learn how to prepare for both clinical and non-clinical presentations and develop the extensive research skills necessary to discover, synthesize, and utilize essential knowledge. Most programs offer a mixed blend of theoretical knowledge and how to apply it to a variety of real-world settings, all of which help uniquely position graduates as local community leaders.

Most of these online programs have been designed to be completed in four years by full-time students. Accelerated programs may be available through select schools that help students graduate in as little as two years. For part-time students, most programs offer some degree of flexible scheduling, allowing students to work around existing responsibilities. In most cases, online students will not have to attend campus at any point to complete the requirements of this degree.

Potential courses you’ll take in an online Christian counseling degree program

  • Foundation of Biblical Studies. This course fosters a strong foundation in biblical knowledge, and it emphasizes the development of the information literacy required to best understand the teachings of the Bible. Students will learn more about academic writing and research as it pertains to Christian matters as well as how to combine a healthy personal ministry with real-world scenarios and challenges.
  • Biblical Interpretation. This course offers a much deeper exploration of the Bible, including both its text and how to understand it. Because this book is broken up into prophecies, parables, and poetry, the course emphasizes specific methods of analysis that will help students find the spiritual truth embedded in any given scripture.
  • Intro to Biblical Counseling. This course functions as an introduction to biblical counseling, helping students learn more about what this counseling is and how it differs from more traditional counseling. Students will learn more about how to understand their own minds as well as how to develop a ministry-based approach to helping others, both personally and professionally.
  • Biblical Conflict Resolution. This course focuses on how to approach conflict resolution (arguably the goal of most counseling) from a biblical perspective. Students will learn how to apply their understanding of biblical scripture to various interpersonal and business conflicts, which ultimately helps them achieve conflict resolution that is resonant with the values of Jesus.

What Can I Do With an Online Christian Counseling Degree?

Individuals with an online degree in Christian counseling can put their skills into practice with various populations in an array of different settings.

Some may work in schools, camps, youth ministries, or community groups with children and adolescents. Others may work in inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation facilities, helping individuals overcome struggles with drugs or alcohol. Another option is providing counseling services through a church or other religious organization.

While a bachelor’s degree in Christian counseling will qualify graduates for most entry-level non-clinical jobs, individuals who want to advance into clinical roles, such as psychologists or licensed social workers will need to pursue master’s degrees in their respective fields.

Career outlook

  • Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselor — Advise people on a range of issues, such as those relating to alcoholism, addictions, or depression, and provide support to help clients recover from addiction, modify problem behaviors, or improve mental health.
    • Median annual salary: $53,710
    • Projected employment growth (through 2032): 18%
    • New jobs projected: 42,000 per year
  • Social and community service manager — Coordinate and supervise programs and organizations that support public well-being and direct workers who provide these services to the public.
    • Median annual salary: $77,030
    • Projected employment growth (through 2032): 9%
    • New jobs projected: 16,000 per year
  • Social and human services assistant — Provide client services, including support for families, in a wide variety of fields, such as psychology, rehabilitation, and social work.
    • Median annual salary: $41,410
    • Projected employment growth (through 2032): 9%
    • New jobs projected:  47,400

Online Bachelor’s in Christian Counseling Degree Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to an online bachelor’s in Christian counseling degree program?

Students who wish to apply to an online bachelor’s in Christian counseling degree program must simply navigate to the appropriate university website. There, they will find either direct access to the application or a link to an application portal. Once they have the application in front of them, students can verify what they may need to submit, including test scores, application essays, a cover letter, and letters of recommendation.

After reviewing everything, students who still have questions about the application should contact the admissions counselor for the schools they are interested in, as such counselors will be able to offer the most up-to-date answers and info.

How much does an online bachelor’s in Christian counseling degree program cost?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a student can expect to pay an average of $28,775 for their online bachelor’s in Christian counseling. The exact amount may vary due to a variety of different factors.

For example, public schools will be more affordable than private schools, and in-state students usually pay less tuition than out-of-state students. Additionally, the minimum number of required credit hours may affect the cost, as will the length of time it takes the student to complete coursework. As a rule, these online programs are always cheaper than in-person ones because students don’t have to move to a new area and won’t have to pay various on-campus fees (including fees for parking passes).

How long does it take to earn an online bachelor’s in Christian counseling degree?

The average online bachelor’s in Christian counseling program has been designed to be completed in four years by full-time students.

Accelerated programs may allow students to complete coursework in two years. If a student only attends part-time, completing their degree may take five years or longer. Ultimately, the most important thing is for students to be honest about how busy they are and choose an online program that is best suited to their current schedule. This method helps the student succeed as a learner throughout their undergraduate career.

Is an online Christian counseling degree worth it?

For students who want to learn counseling skills and principles through a Christian perspective, this is an ideal degree. Graduates can go on to provide services to many different populations, including families, children and adolescents, and individuals dealing with mental and behavioral health challenges.

A bachelor’s degree is the typical minimum requirement for entry-level non-clinical counseling and related jobs. It also provides solid preparation for master’s degree programs, which individuals need to become licensed mental health clinicians.

From a financial perspective, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn a median weekly salary of $1,493, compared to $992 for students without a college degree. Mental health counselors earn a median annual salary of $53,710, although the top 10 percent of earners in the field make more than $89,000 annually.

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