Founded by two professional software developers, Freemote offers a coding bootcamp specifically for freelance developers. This self-paced bootcamp allows students with little to no previous coding experience to start at any time. Students learn coding from the ground up while focusing on the most profitable parts of the industry — like eCommerce and Shopify.

Halfway through the program, students learn how to bid on freelance gigs and market themselves effectively. This feature allows students to “learn and earn” simultaneously while creating a unique professional portfolio to help them stand out on the job market.

In addition, Freemote offers a monthly subscription for its mentoring and coaching services. Those who enroll have several weekly one-on-one calls with a mentor to provide coding and career support.

Freemote Overview Table

Courses Offered Freelance Developer
Course Delivery Method Fully remote – prerecorded, module-based lessons + hands-on projects
Length of Courses Self-paced, recommended eight weeks
Time Commitment 17-40 hours per week
Tuition Policy Monthly payment plans available

Membership for mentorship and coaching: $187 per month

Tuition $1,987 + $187 per month for mentorship and coaching
Job Placement No guaranteed job placement, but students learn the skills and strategies necessary to be successful freelance developers.
Certificates Offered Freemote certificate of completion

How Signing Up For a Bootcamp With Freemote Works

Freemote Main Page

Signing up for Freemote’s Freelance Developer bootcamp is relatively straightforward. To begin, click any button on the website that says, “Learn the Strategy.”

Freemote Promo

You can watch this video to learn more about Freemote’s strategy and what sets them apart from other bootcamps. Then, click the button below the video that says, “Get Access to Freemote Now.”

Freemote Bootcamp

On this screen, you can read the details of what your tuition payment will cover. Tuition includes access to Freemote’s curriculum and content and a free first month of mentorship and coaching. After submitting payment information, you can begin learning with Freemote immediately.

Freemote Tuition Overview

Freemote’s base tuition is $1,987. This amount gives students access to all prerecorded course materials, 10+ hands-on projects, coding practice, and quizzes. Students also gain access to a built-in code editor and code feedback, which students can use for Freemote projects or paid freelance work. In addition, the first month of mentorship and coaching is included in Freemote’s base tuition.

After the first month, Freemote’s mentorship and coaching cost $187 per month. These services include multiple one-on-one live mentor calls a week in addition to a full review of student projects and portfolios.

If a student isn’t satisfied with their learning experience after 60 days, Freemote offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bootcamp Courses Available

Freelance Developer

$1,987 | Online | Part Time | Self-Paced | 8 weeks | Start Anytime

Freemote’s Freelance Developer bootcamp is self-paced, but most students complete it in eight weeks. The curriculum covers HTML, CSS, web development, eCommerce, JavaScript, JS Frameworks & React, and how to earn an income through freelancing. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion from Freemote.

  • Placement Test Required? No
  • Interview Required? Yes
  • Skill Level Required? Basic computer skills

A Typical Week at Freemote

A typical week at Freemote consists of self-paced lectures and hands-on projects that students can complete at their leisure. However, because most Freemote students lead busy lives with significant responsibilities, many spend between six and seven hours a week in lessons and coding practice and about 10 hours per week working on coding projects.

After completing the first module in HTML and CSS basics and the second module in Web Development and eCommerce, students learn how to earn an income through freelancing. From then on, students are encouraged to bid on freelance projects through sites like Upwork to learn and earn simultaneously.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth modules focus on building critical skills in JavaScript, including JS Frameworks and React.

Additional Features

Community access

After enrollment, all students can access Freemote’s online community. Here, students can interact with each other through discussion forums to chat about Freemote coding projects and freelance work and share their successes. This positive virtual environment allows students to connect from all around the world.

Review materials

In addition to all lectures and course materials, Freemote provides its students with over a dozen cheat sheets, trackers, and checklists — making retention easy. Students can download these materials for easy access when working on their freelance projects.

What We Like About Freemote

Accelerated program

Unlike many tech bootcamps, Freemote’s program is relatively quick to complete. Rather than teach all of web development, Freemote focuses on necessary coding concepts to help novice freelance developers land eCommerce jobs. By utilizing class time to teach students how to land jobs, Freemote makes it possible for students to continue learning coding concepts while earning a decent income.

Flexible start dates

Because Freemote allows students to begin their program at any time and at any pace that works for them, it’s a bootcamp that can fit into any schedule. Prerecorded lectures and interactive lessons make learning how to code a fun endeavor that can be completed alongside other responsibilities — like a full-time job, parenting, or caregiving.

What We Don’t Like About Freemote

Quick turnaround on money-back guarantee

Although Freemote does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s a relatively quick turnaround for students who need more time to complete the program. Students who do not complete the first and second modules within 60 days won’t have the opportunity to look for jobs within the money-back guarantee’s time constraints. Anyone who wants to take advantage of this deal would have to complete the program’s first half very quickly to be eligible.

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