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Students who complete an online bachelor’s in real estate program will learn more about the history, theory, and practice of selling real estate. As such, the degree uniquely prepares students for a job as a real estate broker or sales agent, where they can expect to earn an average salary of $48,770 per year.

This degree is comprised of 120 credit hours, and it typically takes full-time students four years to complete all of the required coursework. If students take additional classes each semester or sign up for an accelerated curriculum, they may be able to complete all of the coursework in only three years. According to U.S. News & World Report, the cost of a bachelor’s in real estate ranges from $32,000 to $60,000.

How to Choose an Online Bachelor’s in Real Estate Program

Choose your area of study

While some online bachelor’s in real estate programs offer a more generalized educational approach, many of them will require students to choose a more specific area of study. The exact areas may vary, but common concentrations students can choose from include commercial real estate, property development, construction management, and finance and development.

Each of these concentrations helps students prosper once they graduate and enter their specific careers. As such, students should carefully consider what kind of post-graduate career they would like to pursue before choosing an area of study in order to ensure their future vocational success.

Research schools and programs

There are many online bachelor’s in real estate programs to choose from, so students need to establish a few key criteria to rule out certain schools. Students should never apply to programs that are not properly accredited because federal financial aid will not be available for such schools, and most employers will not honor a degree from such an institution.

Students should also consider whether the program is too expensive for their budget, as overly expensive schools can lead to severe student debt. Finally, students should rule out schools that don’t offer enough support for remote learners.

Prepare for tests and applications

Most online bachelor’s in real estate programs will require students to submit ACT or SAT scores. It’s important to carefully review the application for details about what to submit and if there are any minimum test scores required for admission. The application will also provide details about other paperwork the student may need to attach, including a cover letter, application essays, and letters of recommendation.

It will take time to secure all of the requirements, and students should always ensure they have enough time to do so without missing any major application deadlines.

Select your program

After narrowing down the list of online bachelor’s in real estate programs, students should select which program(s) they will apply to.

Again, cost should be a major consideration — students are typically better off choosing the more affordable option when choosing between two schools that look equally promising. Students may also wish to research which professors are teaching their classes, as professors with an established history in the real estate field can help with networking and job-seeking opportunities. Finally, if cost remains a major consideration, students may wish to focus on the schools that offer the most financial aid.

Determine how you’ll pay for your degree

To maximize their financial aid opportunities, students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. Once they complete this application, students will be offered federal student loans, and in some cases, they may be offered Pell Grant money as well. Additionally, some scholarships will require a completed FAFSA before they can be awarded.

Students should contact the Financial Aid office of their prospective schools. The financial aid advisors may have info about loans, scholarships, and grants available through the school or the state that the student otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Best 50 Accredited Online Bachelor’s in Real Estate Programs

Best Online Bachelor's in Real Estate Programs Badge

Pennsylvania Western University Clarion

University of Memphis

Fordham University

Old Dominion University

Mississippi College School of Business

LSU Shreveport

Arkansas State University

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How We Rank Schools

Our list features online bachelor’s programs majoring in real estate. These degrees typically award a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a real estate concentration, although some follow the Bachelor of Arts pathway. Most of the listed programs are delivered entirely online, although a few offer blended learning.

Most online bachelor’s in real estate programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This international body only accredits schools with expert instructors that deliver courses covering the key competencies modern employers look for. A few programs carry alternative accreditation from a regional or national body to verify their quality.

What Can You Expect from an Online Bachelor’s in Real Estate Program? 

In an online bachelor’s in real estate program, coursework is typically split between developing the skills necessary to sell real estate and the “soft skills” needed to communicate with prospective buyers.

There are as many kinds of people as there are kinds of houses, and students will learn how to make connections with diverse groups and how to turn an interpersonal relationship into a major sale. Online programs may also offer students the chance to complete an internship with a local real estate professional to foster their skills and knowledge related to this specific field.

As for the degree itself, it typically requires students to complete 120 credit hours, and this means that a full-time student can usually complete all of their required courses in four years. Students who take a fast-track course may be able to complete coursework within only three years, and students who take classes part-time can expect their undergraduate education to take five years or longer.

Potential courses you’ll take in an online bachelor’s in real estate degree program

  • Real Estate Market Analysis. This course teaches students how to analyze the different components of shifting markets, including analyzing land, buildings, and property improvements. This helps students learn more about real property markets and how to profit from that knowledge.
  • Real Estate Principles. This foundational course introduces students to many key concepts in real estate, including accounting, finance, investments, management, marketing, and more. Once students complete this course, they will be qualified to enroll in more advanced real estate courses.
  • Real Estate Valuation. This course helps students learn about the different factors that determine the value of any given location or plot of land. Such knowledge will eventually prove invaluable in a professional real estate career.
  • Real Estate Data Analysis. This course introduces students to some of the specialized software necessary to collect housing data. Accordingly, the class also focuses on how to interpret that data and how to analyze data over time in order to discover major real estate trends.

Online Bachelor’s in Real Estate Degree Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to an online bachelor's in real estate degree program?

To apply to an online bachelor’s in real estate program, students must first navigate to the university website. There, they will find either a direct link to the application or a link to a third-party application portal. It’s essential to pay close attention to application requirements; this will specify what students may need to include with the application, including test scores, a cover letter, application essays, or letters of recommendation.

Students who have questions at any point should contact the school’s admissions counselor to receive answers and to verify that they have submitted a complete application.

How much does an online bachelor's in real estate degree program cost?

According to U.S. News & World Report, the cost of an online bachelor’s in real estate ranges from $32,000 to $60,000.

This range is very large and signifies that some schools are much more affordable than others. Many factors affect the cost, including whether it is a public or private school (private schools are always more expensive) and how many credit hours the student must complete. Additionally, students who take longer to complete their degrees will pay more.

Fortunately, online students will pay less than in-person students because they don’t have to pay for campus fees, including parking passes, and they won’t have to relocate to a new town to pursue their education.

How long does it take to earn an online bachelor's in real estate degree?

Most online bachelor’s in real estate degrees are 120 credit hours. Completing those credits typically takes a full-time student four years.

Students who take an accelerated program may be able to finish in only three years, and students who attend part-time may take five years or longer to complete all required coursework. By choosing a program that offers the right amount of schedule flexibility, students can better ensure they can finish their coursework without compromising any of their other responsibilities (including career and family).

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